4 Top Ways Of Navigating New York on Business

4 Top Ways Of Navigating New York on Business

4 Top Ways : New York! Home to the latest Broadway hits, the newest fashion trends, the greatest museums and galleries in the world, the best foods from some of the best chefs in the most chic restaurants and the biggest sports arenas filled with highly charged games. And there you are, stuck all day in those New York conference venues!

It’s not such a bad thing though. The greatest city in the world isn’t called that for nothing- those things you’re dying to get to are never far from your New York conference venues. The city is built that way! Here in the Big Apple there are many ways to get to where you want to be after those long meetings. Fast and inexpensively – so you don’t have to miss a thing!


It’s a city built for walking, and sometimes all you need are your feet to get to the most unforgettable places from central New York conference venues. In fact, many walking magazines consider it the most walkable city in the United States. Walking, along with bicycles, account for 21% of the travel options around the city. Imagine the Museum Mile, where you never need to take a wheeled vehicle to get to more. Than ten museums and galleries carrying some of the greatest art the world has seen.

Or Central Park, a wide expanse of sky and land with some of the most picturesque paths every seen in a city. Then there are the iconic streets that have become symbols in themselves: Broadway, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and that paradise for shoppers, Fifth Avenue. You can practically get to a boutique, a world-class restaurant, a museum, gallery or a game from any central New York conference venues without ever needing a ride!

The Subway

For destinations farther away, the most reliable and fastest option is the subway. The largest system in the world in terms of track mileage (656 miles, or 1,056 km of mainline track). And the fourth-largest when measured by annual ridership (1.4 billion passenger trips in 2005). The subway is so busy and integral to the city’s transport system that in fact. Ridership can go up to 7.5 million riders in a single day.

For those who are not native to the city, the subway system can be a bit intimidating at first. Especially with the fast pace of the locals. Still, it is quite easy to get the hang of it, especially when one is in a hurry to get somewhere after a long day inside New York conference venues. To ride the subway, one can buy a Metro card that is simply swiped through a reader.


Not quite as popular with visitors as the subway, buses are still a good option for going up. And down avenues, and for those who can’t quite handle the thought of being underground. The MTA system operates both the subway and the buses so it is fairly easy to combine both options.


A little more expensive than the subway or bus options, more than 12,000 yellow cabs service the city and are very easy to use – as long as you can get one. There is a bit more competition for them during rush hour, but they are also a very reliable means of going to and from your New York conference venues.