About Label Printing And Its Use In Marketing

About Label Printing And Its Use In Marketing

About Label Printing : Essentially every product encountered on a daily basis has some type of label; clothing, canned goods, even fruit has small sticker labels. These labels acts as advertisements, contain barcodes and sometimes RFID tags. Labels can serve many different purposes and are a great way to make a product standout.

Just like labels have many roles, they also can be creat using different technologies. Flexography is one method use for printing that is growing in popularity. Flexo label printing uses a flexible relief plate. This printing process can be use on plastic, cellophane, paper or metallic films, for example. One of the great benefits of flexographic label printing is its ability to print on non-porous materials.

Another method used to create labels is offset sheet printing. This method involves a plate, a rubber blanket and the printing surface. Basically, with this style of printing, ink is offset from the plate to the rubber blanket and then to the printing surface.

Labels are print on rolls, in sheets or individually. They can be made in all different sizes and different color options, such as black, multi-color or four color. Which method is used depends on each product’s unique label requirements.

There are also different ways in which labels can be adhered or attached to a surface or product. Some labels have heat-activated adhesives, some are shrink wrapped during the application process and some are sewn on. There are labels that are attached using wet glue and some products have labels that are tied on with a piece of twine. The different types of adhesives used can serve various purposes as well. For example, some adhesives are permanent while others can be peeled off or even attached using static cling, such as oil change reminder labels.

The use of labels can be thought of as a unique marketing opportunity.

Since labels can be customiz, a company can include their logo while creating a unique image for each product. In addition to appearance, attaching the label in a unique way can also make a product or brand standout. Think of going to an apple orchard. These businesses typically sell homemade jams and other spreads along with cider and various other edible products. These businesses are typically local with seasonal hours, so in order to remind customers of the business, the orchard may tie on labels to spreads that include the business name, product name and a URL to their website. This will allow consumers to save the label and be remind the following fall where they purchased the edibles they enjoy so much.