Attractive Promotional Ways to Make Sales More in demand

Attractive Promotional Ways to Make Sales More in demand

Attractive Promotional Ways to Make Sales More in demand – When deciding to become a businessman, there are many things to consider. Starting from preparing a business plan, setting a target market, running promotions, to carrying out transactions. Promotion is the most important point and has a big influence on the running of a business.

Attractive promotional ways are efforts to market a product that can improve the development of a business. It can also be said that promotion is a communication activity between business people and the wider community.

Attractive Promotional Ways to Make Sales More in demand

Attractive promotions ways increase public interest in certain products. Therefore, it is important for a business to innovate in carrying out promotions. For those of you who are running a business, you can apply the following methods to attract consumer attention and increase transactions.

1. Use a concept that is unique and different from other businesses

Running a business needs to have a unique idea when doing promotions. A unique and different way of promotion from competitors provides more value in the eyes of the public. No need to be afraid of looking weird with a different concept, because it can be used as a hallmark of your business.

Unique concepts will more easily attract people’s attention and make them curious. That way, your business will be more easily known and remembered by the wider community. If people already know your business, there will be a greater chance of achieving sales targets.

2. Take advantage of a platform that is suitable for the target market

There are many platforms that can be used to run promotions. Like social media, television, youtube, to hold interesting events. Adjust the promotion platform used with the target market. For example, the target market prefers long video content, so you can promote your business through the YouTube platform.

If the promotion platform is tailored to the target market, it will be easier to attract people to buy the products you offer. Also pay attention to the algorithms of each platform, the crucial time users are on social media, and what products are being sought after by the target market.

If you use offline methods in promotions such as holding an event, adjust it according to where the event is being held. You can research the exact location and time of visit so that it is easier for people to know and see firsthand.

3. Collaborate with influencers

A fairly effective way and provide more benefits for business people is to work with influencers. However, you can’t collaborate without doing some research first.

The first thing to do is see how much interest the influencer’s followers have in the products you offer. In addition, pay attention to testimonials from other business people who have worked with influencers.

After finding a suitable influencer, contact the listed contact for a partnership offer. Even better if the influencer really likes the type of product you offer. That way, the process of collaboration and promotion will be easier.

4. Provide special offers for customers

Businesses that have been running for at least one year usually have loyal customers who make frequent transactions. You can attract people’s attention by providing special customer offers.

That way, old customers and new customers will compete in making transactions. This special offer can be done periodically. For example, a special promo is held on anniversaries or at the end of the year. With special offers, you will have loyal repeat customers.

5. Give free or subsidized shipping

Shipping costs are often a burden for consumers, so they are hesitant to make transactions. You can use this case as a strategy to increase consumer interest in the products you sell.

Provide free shipping for every purchase. However, you also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of free shipping. Minimum purchase rules can be made to get free shipping, or postage subsidies with terms and conditions that apply.

6. Bundling package promo

In a business, of course, the product is not always sold out. If in your business there are products that are less interested, the bundling package promo can be used as a solution. You can sell products that are less interested, with the best-selling products. Offer at a lower price if you buy one at a time.

Bundling package promos have been widely used by business people, and have succeeded in attracting people to buy these products. In addition, you can combine bundling package promos with other promos in the same period.

7. Introduce the brand ambassador

A business that has been running for a long time, and generates a fairly large turnover, can make a brand ambassador as a medium to strengthen the branding of the business. Promotion in this way, has little in common with influencer collaboration.

The difference is, influencers who become brand ambassadors are bound by a certain contract with the brand. Making influencers as brand ambassadors, needs to be adjusted to your business target market. Create a unique concept when choosing a brand ambassador so that branding can be stronger

8. Big day promotions

Not only on twin dates, on big days such as holidays, independence day, or the end of the year it is often used as material to hold promotions. You can use this moment to give as many bonuses and promos as possible to the wider community.

In addition, on national and religious holidays, you can also provide holiday promos that are different from other promos. For example, promos on health holidays, or other big days that people rarely know about. That way, your business will look unique, and the public will know about the big day.

9. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This promotion is often held since the first. Even before the digital era. Even so, the buy 1 get 1 free promo is still a promo that is much sought after by the public. This promo can be applied to both online and offline stores.

The buy 1 get 1 free promo is similar to the bundling promo. However, in this promo, generally business people offer products that are similar between the two. With the buy 1 get 1 free promo, it will be easier to attract people to make transactions.

Well, an interesting promotion method and with the right product promotion can actually maximize sales profits and reach a wider market.