Best Credit Cards October 2022

Best Credit Cards October 2022

Best Credit Cards, There’s a lot to consider when deciding which credit card is best for you. After all, many cards offer a wide range of perks. From extra security features to cash back and rewards for your everyday spending. We took a comprehensive look at the top offerings in the industry. Here are Money’s picks for the best credit cards of 2022.

Best Credit Cards

The Platinum Card® by American Express

gives users an annual statement credit (meaning it’s deducted from the total you owe) of up to $200 for Uber use. Up to $240 for subscriptions to Peacock, Audible, The New York Times and SiriusXM; the full cost of Walmart+ ($12.95 monthly) and Equinox ($25 monthly); and $100 and $300 credits for eligible purchases at Saks and SoulCycle, respectively. These credits alone are worth more than the card’s $695 annual fee (if you use these services).

This card comes with some nice travel perks as well. You get access to American Express® airport lounges worldwide, special access to dinner reservations in high-end restaurants and premium benefits with select rental car companies such as complimentary enrollment in Avis Preferred Club.

Purchases made with the card come with special protections. Users get benefits like cell-phone protection. Extended warranties on any purchase with a manufacturer’s warranty to match, and insurance coverage for certain situations such as rental car accidents or even accidental loss of life.

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred®

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card gives back an unmatched 6% — more than double what most cards offer — on purchases at most U.S. supermarkets and most streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. In other words, that $95 annual fee will probably pay for itself after a couple of months.

The card also offers 3% cash back on gas purchases in the U.S. and other expenses in the transit category, such as tolls, parking, taxis, trains and more. Essentially, whatever your means of transportation, you’re going to earn rewards. On all other purchases, cardholders will get 1% cash back, as well as on groceries after spending the $6,000 annual limit for 6%.

While it does have an annual fee, the American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card’s cash-back rate is high enough to make up for it. Of course, it’s important to make sure the $95 annual fee is worth it for your particular situation. For example, if you’re a single person who rarely buys groceries, then you probably won’t get as much value from this card as a prolific cook or a family of four.