Get to Know The Best Digital Wallets

Get to Know The Best Digital Wallets

The Best Digital Wallets – The best digital wallets are financial accounts that allow users to store funds, make transactions, and track payment history via a computer or smartphone.

In the current era of technological development, many financial transaction processes have shifted from manual to digital. One of them is marked by the emergence of a variety of the best digital wallets in Indonesia.

The Best Digital Wallets Recommendations

 1. OVO

OVO is one of the most widely used e-wallets. Even though the number of users had decreased in 2019, OVO has returned and managed to control more than 70 percent of transactions and shopping centers.

OVO is now also working with Grab, which is an online transportation provider. However, OVO can not only be used to pay for online transportation, but also for e-commerce payments to transfers between banks for free.

 2. GoPay

GoPay is a digital wallet service launched by an online transportation company, namely Gojek. Initially, GoPay could only be used as an online payment medium for Gojek transportation. However, over time, Gojek expanded the potential of GoPay and made it one of the most popular digital wallets.

Almost all transactions for purchasing goods or services that exist today can be done using the GoPay payment method. Where the system for topping up the wallet itself is classified as very easy and only incurs a transaction fee of IDR 1,000 each time you top up.


DANA can be called a newcomer because it was released in 2018. However, DANA came strong and was able to break into the top three rankings among other e-wallet providers.

By having a license from Bank Indonesia, DANA has its own advantages. DANA is already connected to data from the Population and Civil Registry parties so that it can convince customers to use this e-wallet.

 4. LinkAja

LinkAja is a product of Bank Mandiri and a combination of several companies in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, Pertamina, and HIMBARA (Association of State-Owned Banks). Previously, LinkAja or previously known as TCASH, succeeded in occupying the fourth position as the most used digital wallet in 2019.

The e-wallet service can be used for various transactions, such as buying credit, paying bills, sending donations, and applying for loans online.

 5. Genius

For those of you who like to travel abroad, you can try using the Jenius application, which is a product of Bank BTPN. Apart from getting features for online transactions, users will also get a debit card that can be used anywhere.

Jenius also makes it easy for its users to make transfers between other banks without being charged an additional fee. In addition, users can also manage their finances via smartphone easily and safely.

 6. iSaku

iSaku is a the best digital wallet service that works with retail company Indomaret. Therefore, users who make transactions at Indomaret can get discounts and collect cashback in the form of points that can be spent again.

Not much different from other e-wallets, iSaku also facilitates financial transactions so users don’t have to bother going to the bank to make transfers or anything else.

 7. Sakuku

Sakuku is an e-wallet product issued by Bank Central Asia (BCA). The presence of Sakuku is supported by the many companies that use BCA to pay salaries to their employees.

This digital wallet service is divided into two types, namely Sakuku and Sakuku Plus. The difference between the two lies in the balance that can be stored in them.

In the Sakuku application, the maximum balance that can be saved is IDR 2 million. Meanwhile, on Sakuku Plus, users can save a balance of up to IDR 10 million. More than that, Sakuku Plus also allows users to be able to make cash withdrawals and split bills.

That is the best digital wallet application that is most widely used and considered good in its class. Both OVO, GoPay, DANA, LinkAja, Jenius, iSaku, and Sakuku, all have their own characteristics and advantages that suit the needs of the community.