BNI Life Insurance Marketing Through Digital Platform

BNI Life Insurance Marketing Through Digital Platform

To celebrate BNI’s anniversary, PT BNI Life Insurance (BNI Life) launched Plan Blife to make it easier for the public to get digital insurance products anytime and anywhere. Through its 2 digital pillars, BNI Life presents the Plan BLife microsite through the BNI Mobile Banking website and application.

“This is to realize our commitment to continue to present innovative solutions through the use of digital technology in product and service development for customers and the wider community,” said BNI Life President Director Shadiq Akasya in a press release (18/07/2022).

Optimizing digital synergies with BNI’s parent company is indeed one of the company’s digitalization development targets this year. The digital insurance products offered on the platform include travel insurance, saving plans, and health. However, for the initial stage, new customers can buy travel insurance products. “BNI Life ensures that other products will be available this year,” he asserted.

Plan Blife

Plan Blife is design to provide a user experience through 3 easy steps, namely choosing a product, filling in personal data and paying premiums while getting an e-policy in real time. Meanwhile, through the BNI Mobile Banking application, BNI Life offers the Digi Micro Protection product, which is a personal accident insurance product. “Digital channels are indeed an insurance marketing opportunity during the pandemic, although the portion is still small, but digital implementation in the insurance industry in the future will continue to grow,” he said.

He is committed that his party will continue to improve the overall digitization process starting from products, marketing, risk data management, claim services, and services that are in accordance with changes in customer behavior. Going forward, BNI Life will maximize digital services to further encourage financial inclusion through the integration of various financial services to develop an ecosystem in the life insurance industry.

“With the BLife Plan, BNI Life hopes to increase the number of customers by 50,000 people in the next 3 years,” said Shadiq.