Financial Freedom 10 Insights on Money

Financial Freedom 10 Insights on Money

Financial Freedom : The fact that you are a highly motivated, hard – working, focused individual does not exempt you form the rigors of financial management. I believe it is the most important subject we all must learn because in a lifetime we handle millions of dollars. I do not know what your financial decisions have produced for you but I have a question for you. How comfortable are you?

1. The end result of all of our work efforts is to produce a comfortable lifestyle. Product Managers are working tirelessly to create better products to make life more comfortable.

2. We want comfortable cars, comfortable houses, comfortable clothes and all kinds of comfortable things but at what cost does this comfort come.

3. The only thing that may not be as comfortable is the person for whom all these comforts are created or intended because it comes at a cost. In a quest to achieve this level of comfort one leaves behind a trail of broken promises, broke businesses and a bad track record because they were chasing the elusive cash.

4. A lot of people find themselves uncomfortable in the quest to live a comfortable life. They become poor to look rich. They work for their creditors just to maintain an image and keep – up.

5. The wisest man who ever lived Solomon calls it chasing after the wind. Most people are a pay – day away from poverty.

6. There is a difference between living from pay check to pay check and financial security or financial freedom.

7. I’ve shared this before, but I’ll say it again. Pay yourself and invest 10% from every pay check and you can be truly comfortable in the long run.

8. Just like the discipline of waking up at 5 am to jog or to go to the gym or going on a diet comes at a cost, there is a cost to the comfortable life. Are you willing to pay for it? I was behind on my bills and my dreams one more time, but I got up again, I keep pressing. I’m ready to start paying myself again. I have a good plan. I am getting rid of bad debt.

9. I believe money is still a good slave only when you give it an assignment to work for you. In the olden agrarian days people had real wealth, natural wealth. They owned land which produced, cattle, sheep and goats which produced. Invest in wealth that produces and you will never be broke again.

10. In the quest for a comfortable lifestyle most people make the mistake of chasing money and it keeps running away from them.

Spending less than you earn and turning your passion into profit is a good recipe for success. People who spend all they earn and have only one source of income are likely to struggle compared to those that have multiple (legal) streams of income.