Financial Therapy What Is It

Financial Therapy What Is It

Financial Therapy : The subject of money has always been and continues to be a taboo subject in our culture. However, in light of our country’s recent financial struggles, it appears as though the doors have been slightly opened to explore money issues. This is apparent in the number of people who are now seeking financial advice.

The advice is through the Internet, television, and radio shows that teach people how to manage their finances. Additionally, it is apparent in the number of media segments on how to have a healthier relationship with money.

Financial therapy is a newly emerging field that has been around for a number of years. With a growing acceptance that humans don’t always have a healthy and rational relationship when it comes to money, the field of financial therapy appears to be growing in popularity. The financial storm that this country is going through has forced people to take a closer look at their relationship with money. This is well beyond what’s in their bank accounts, pay checks, and investment portfolios.

So What Is Financial Therapy?

Financial Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to help people gain clarity around their dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and behaviors as it relates to managing and/or coping with finances. Overall, it is a process that incorporates the emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and financial components of a person as a whole.

Financial Therapists Assist Clients With:

· Exploring how their past relationships and family interactions have impacted their relationship with money

· Developing a more balanced and successful relationship with money

· Having a conscious relationship with money

· Developing a plan to cope with money stress and anxiety

· Understanding how money plays a role in their daily life and relationships

· Learning how to work with a spouse or significant other to satisfy their collective goals

· Learning how to have a more peaceful relationship with money

· Transforming destructive financial behaviors

Financial Therapy can be beneficial to persons that are invested in working through the emotional and psychological areas that continue to sabotage their relationship with money. As the subject of money and finances becomes a less taboo subject, this emerging field will continue to grow. It is predicted that throughout this financial storm that our country is going through, more people will begin to recognize the need for this service and seek out guidance in this area.