Google My Business, Google’s Effective Free Marketing Tool

Google My Business, Google’s Effective Free Marketing Tool

Get to know what Google My Business is as a tool from Google for business owners.

What is Google My Business? Google as the largest search engine platform now has tools that are specifically presented for business owners. The tool is named Google My Business or Google My Business in Google English settings.

Google My Business allows you as a business owner to do many things about your business on Google. What are you? Come on, get to know Google My Business more deeply to the features provided.

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is one of the tools from Google that allows business owners to set up their business profile on Google, making it easier for potential customers to find out complete information about the business through the Google search engine.

Launching from the official Google Support page, through this Google My Business, you can carry out your business profile settings activities as below:

  • Add your business to appear on Google.
  • Edit your business information, such as name, address, hours of operation, phone number, website, and more.
  • Respond to messages or phone calls from customers.
  • Make notification settings for mobile devices.

Google My Business Features

What are the features in Google My Business that you can use to promote your business for free? Here is a summary of the information for you.


The first feature is the photo feature. You can add photos of your business logo, store photos, product/menu photos, and other photos to Google My Business. That way, customers will easily recognize your business and make it easier if customers plan to come to your store.

Description and Category

Next there are descriptions and categories for your business. This feature helps potential customers as well as Google understand what field your business is in and what you have to offer.


Attributes are one of the most important features in Google My Business. You should complete the information contained in the attributes to make it easier for customers to find information such as operating hours and contact.


The fourth feature of Google My Business is the review feature. This feature allows customers to be able to provide an assessment of your business, it can be in terms of services, products, location access, and others. That way, the reviews given by this customer can provide more information for other customers.

Question and answer

In addition to reviews, the Q&A feature can also be a place for customers to get additional information about your business. In this question and answer feature, customers can ask for information related to your business that is not listed in other features.

Just like reviews, questions from customers and answers from you can be seen by anyone who visits your business profile.


Have promotional content? Don’t forget to share it on Google My Business too. In Google My Business there is a Post feature that you can use to share promotional content or other content as appropriate on social media.

Google My Business Insights

The last feature of Google My Business that is useful for you business owners is Google My Business Insights. If the previous features can be seen by customers and provide business-related information to customers, this last feature is different.

Google My Business Insights is only visible to you as the business owner and can provide you with information such as how many times your business profile has been viewed, where people can access your business profile, and so on. This information will be very useful for your digital marketing needs.

This is information about what Google My Business is and the seven features it provides. Having a Google My Business profile is one of the free marketing strategies that can have a long-term positive impact on your business. Interested in trying it?