Here is Your Tax Refund

Here is Your Tax Refund

Here is Your Tax : For many, paying tax is really difficult, so when the opportunity comes to either reduce it or get re-embosse by tax agencies it’s a dream come true. During your spare you find an email claiming you are due for a tax refund. The mail looks so official that you just can’t take your eye of it.

Naturally it comes with great promise and in many cases there is a link in the mail. In which people easily click leading them to a faked webpage were all their vital information are harness.

The bad news here is that there is no refund. By filling the form on the fake webpage, you are just giving conmen a license to use your identity coupled with the fact that you would now be prone to more scam mails.

1 Avoiding tax refund scam would have being as easy as deleting the mails,

but this is not the case. Human instincts urge us to open those mails in view of the fact that it might be true- which is never the case.

2 Doing your homework- It’s important that we pay more attention to our security online.

Ensure that you doubly research a company before giving them any information. Make use of search engines to see if the address corresponds to that which is in the mail sent to you. Does the mail contain a ground address and landline numbers? If yes, are they correct? With a little caution you can avoid this scam.

3 Spam filters- A lot of people keep asking if there was a way to stop these spams messages.

The answer is no (at least for now), but a spam filter can lower your chances of getting spam messages.

4 Don’t give out your personal details to sites you are not sure of.

If by chance you have filled out this or similar forms, report immediately to appropriate agencies in your country.