Implementation of the Role of Business Analyst in Software Development Projects

Implementation of the Role of Business Analyst in Software Development Projects

The problem that is being faced by Indonesia today is no longer just equal distribution of education throughout the region, but there are problems that arise and are equally important, namely the increasing number of fresh graduates from various majors who graduate every year. It becomes a problem when the number of graduates increases, but it is not matched by an increase in the skills they have. There are various companies that open job vacancies that set standards for certain skills for a field of work. Graduates in Indonesia currently mostly graduate with high marks, but the skills they have are far from sufficient to enter the world of work. Therefore, it is necessary to have special or additional training before students graduate, such as participating in internships. At this time, every student has the opportunity to participate in internship activities, one of which is the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) program.

The Independent Learning Campus Program (MBKM) is an activity part of the Independent Learning policy by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which provides opportunities for students to hone skills according to their talents and interests by going directly into the world of work as career preparation. future. In participating in this activity there are benefits that will be received by students starting from exploring knowledge and abilities in the workplace, learning and expanding networks outside of lectures, and being able to gain knowledge from quality and reputable partners (Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs & Directorate General of Higher Education, 2020). PT. Andromedia. PT. Andromedia is a company engaged in the field of IT Consultant, Software Development, and ERP Implementation. This company has a core business division consisting of ERP and Taylored Software. In the ERP section, PT. Andromedia uses software similar to SAP but open source called Idempiere.

While at Taylored Software, PT. Andromedia produces software from scratch using PHP, Microsoft Sharepoint, and so on according to client needs. To improve and enable a company’s system solutions in dealing with changes in business processes, PT. Andromedia offers various solutions such as IT Business Plan, Master Plan & Architecture, Monitoring, Service Management, and Project Management. PT Andromedia is trusted to collaborate with clients from various companies such as Citilink, KEMKOMINFO, PERTAMINA EP, Semen Indonesia, Petrokimia Gresik, Trakindo Utama, and so on. The company is located in the city center of Surabaya and can operate throughout Indonesia. In its business process, PT. Andromedia has several work positions ranging from Junior Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Developer (FSD), and Quality Assurance.

The author with a scientific background in the field of Information Systems has an interest in the analysis process and hopes for achieving a graduate profile as an analyst. Therefore, in accordance with these achievements, the proposer decided to conduct an independent campus internship at PT. Andromedia as a Junior Business Analyst. By playing a direct role in the real project team, it is hoped that the author will have more experience in working on projects in the world of work and have special knowledge in the field of Business Analyst. So, with the experience that has been achieved, you can create a good graduation profile and be ready to face the world of work with qualified knowledge.