The Best and Best Selling Indonesian Franchise Business

The Best and Best Selling Indonesian Franchise Business

Indonesian Franchise Business-Franchising is a type of business that is in demand because it makes it easy for someone to run a business. In terms of products, Indonesian franchises are increasingly diverse with affordable capital.

Managing an Indonesian franchise means that there is no need to build a business from scratch because everything has been packag by the franchisor. You only need to buy a license or business license in the name of a particular company or trademark. By becoming a franchise business manager, you have the opportunity to develop your business skills while at the same time making a profit for yourself.

This type of Indonesian franchise is very suitable for those of us who are just starting a business considering the easy preparation and low risk. In the midst of the current economic crisis due to the pandemic and others where many companies are laying off their employees, doing franchise business can be an option too.

Understanding Franchise Business

Indonesian Franchise Business

In general, a franchise business is a way to expand the distribution of products or services with a trade license, such as brands, logos, business systems to equipment. Suppose you want to open a franchise business, then you have to pay royalties to the franchise owner. That way, you will also get full rights and support from the main owner in running the business.

Rules regarding Franchising, franchises are special rights own by individuals or business entities to business systems with business characteristics in order to market services and products that have been proven successful and can be us by other parties bas on franchise agreements.

In other words, a franchise business is a kind of cooperation to open a new branch, but the ownership status is by someone else with an agreement that has been agre between the two parties. That way, you will get a franchise advantage in the form of full rights to the brand system.

Example of Indonesian Franchise Business

In Indonesia, there are several types of franchises that are quite well known. Here’s an example of an Indonesian franchise business that you can try.

Beverage Franchise

There are two types of beverage franchises in Indonesia, namely coffee and non-coffee franchise businesses. But there are some businesses that also focus on both menus. You can choose to focus on only one type or vary the choice of drinks that are sold.

1. Jco Donuts and Coffee

Who would have thought that Jco Donuts and Coffee is a local brand launch by Johni Andrean? He is a salon entrepreneur from Indonesia. Initially, the brand was inspir when Johni went on a business trip to the Unit States.

At that time he often tasted typical American donuts that made him plan to open a similar business. For the first time in 2005, Jco Donuts and Coffee opened an outlet in the Supermall Karawaci area, Tangerang. Within a year, Jco Donuts has opened 16 outlets in several cities in Indonesia.

2. Baba Rafi Turkish Kebab

Kebab Turki Baba Rafi was found by Hendy Setiono since 2003, initially this local franchise was inspir when Hendy visit Qatar. At that time he was walking and found kebab food on the side of the city road, since then he thought of trying the kebab business in Indonesia.

Before Hendy achieved his success, he had experienced failure and even nearly went bankrupt. However, in 2005, he officially franchised Kebab Turki Baba Rafi throughout Indonesia, even now abroad. Kebab is a food that is quite potential in Indonesia, besides its delicious taste, this food makes you feel full easily.

3. CFC

Unlike KFC from America, CFC is one of the best-selling local franchises that you can find in various corners of the city. CFC was found in 1989 by introducing the concept of fast food, then in 1996 CFC manag to spread its wings to China by building 20 outlets spread throughout the city of China.

4. Hoka-Hoka Bento

Carrying the theme of Japanese-style culinary, many do not think that Hoka-Hoka Bento or HokBen is a franchise from Indonesia. Standing under the auspices of PT Eka Bogainti, HokBen was found by Hendra Arifin by serving a variety of fast food. This local franchise is a favorite of many people because of its cheap price and good taste.

5. Soul Promise

Who doesn’t know the Promise of the Soul? This local coffee franchise found by Billy Kurniawan was launch in 2018. Although Kontak Jiwa is very new, the enthusiasm of the people has made it a big success coffee franchise in Indonesia.

6. Indomaret

It’s impossible for Indonesians who don’t know the Indomaret franchise, because this minimarket that provides various basic needs is always crowded with buyers. So it’s no wonder that Indomaret is always in every corner of the territory in Indonesia.

7. Upnormal Stall

Warunk Upnormal is one of the places to eat that is often visit by millennials. Having the main menu indomie, bread and coffee, Warunk Upnormal is now a cool place to hang out with friends. Warunk Upnormal began with the fulfillment of 1000 prayers, at that time the first branch, Nasi Goreng Mafia, served 1000 free fried rice, which was enough to pay with prayer.

Some examples of profitable franchise businesses to the advantages of choosing a franchise business you already know above. Not only that, you also need to make sure the franchise business that you will be involv in is in accordance with your passion and expertise.