Learn Social Media Marketing for Startups

Learn Social Media Marketing for Startups

Display content in the form of images, text, and videos that appeal to the audience you want.

In this technological era, social media is not only used to share experiences and stories, but also becomes a trend that can be used for marketing activities. Not a few social media marketing strategies are implemented for businesses or startups and are successful.

Marketing strategies such as social media have various advantages, ranging from a wider reach, providing efficiency in terms of cost and time, and the most important thing is being ‘current’. Then, what should you do to be able to implement social media marketing in a startup business? Check out the discussion below!

Choosing the right social media for your business

The first thing to do is to understand which social media is right for your startup product. Because social media is different, the strategy is different. Determine the target to be targeted and then choose social media to develop a social media marketing strategy that will be applied.

Facebook is known to have a wider reach because there are many segments that can be targeted. While the majority of Instagram is more targeted at millennials. Then Twitter with its quick and concise information. With a variety of social media options, it’s time for you to adjust it to your needs.

In general, most people are only active on two to three types of social media, the most common being Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When deciding what type of social media is most appropriate for marketing, don’t forget that you also have to know that the type of social media that is comfortable for you is not necessarily the channel that is preferred by the audience or target market. From the many choices of social media, determine which one best suits your business product/service.

Varied Content

After determining what social media to use, fill it with content about your startup. To make it more appealing to the audience, use different types of content. Like photos or videos, of course accompanied by good copywriting. Then, you can make the caption as attractive as possible. With the right copywriting techniques, you can increase brand awareness of your startup products.

In addition, you must be able to ensure that every piece of content that you create has a valuable message for the target market, so that they will repeat to visit your website or application from your startup. Not only varied, the characteristics of valuable content can also at least answer questions as well as the needs of the target market.

Learn about Social Media Management

The next step in the strategy for social media marketing is useful in the process of posting any product content from your startup. By studying Social Media Management, you will know when and what content is ‘right’ to share. Learn how your competitors content, to see interesting insights about appropriate content. Not only that, with the various tools available, you don’t have to bother when updating content one by one.

By understanding Social Media Management, you can save more time well. Regarding the fixed and regular posting schedule, it is also better prepared to provide content. Likewise, being active on social media will make your business expand the market and can reach various groups.

Build engagement with the audience

The impact of the wide reach of social media marketing makes this marketing media relate to many people. You need to establish a relationship with them through social media in particular to increase engagement. Take advantage of available features such as chat, direct messages, comments, and many others in communicating via digital. A good relationship with the audience will form a brand image and brand loyalty for your startup products in the future. Therefore, build a good two-way communication from now on.

It is important to maintain and maintain relationships and communication with the audience. One way is to let your audience voice their opinion by commenting on posts on social media. It’s also a good idea to respond to audience comments to create two-way communication. For that, make sure the comment feature in your social media account is active. You can also get interesting topic ideas or ideas from your audience’s comments or opinions.

Evaluate and don’t stop innovating

The last activity of social media marketing is evaluating. Understand it from various sides such as seeing the number of reach, impressions, engagement, followers, as well as feedback from the audience, and others. Optimally, the evaluation is done a week to a month until you can get the results. If what you get is positive development, then stick with it and try to develop it. However, if it has not been achieved, you need to evaluate and see where the shortcomings are.

Comparing with competitors can also be used as a reference in evaluating social media marketing activities for startups. Don’t stop experimenting with new ideas so you know what designs work best for you.