Get to know the Marketing Concept and Examples

Get to know the Marketing Concept and Examples

Get to know the marketing concept and examples, the increasingly fierce business competition has made many business people start looking for the best way to maintain their business. One way is to use the marketing concept.

By understanding what the marketing concept is, you can determine a business strategy that suits your company’s products and services. This can help you to get maximum sales results. However, what exactly is the marketing concept? So, for those of you who want to know more about this, check out the following article, OK?

Understanding the Marketing Concept

The marketing concept is a concept used to maximize profits. You do this by meeting customer needs, increasing sales, and beating competitors. The focus is on understanding customer needs to create profitable relationships between customers and companies. The marketing concept is also known as the marketing concept. This concept is different from marketing in general, where the focus is only on the process of selling goods or services with the right promotional techniques.

In addition, the marketing concept also uses marketing data to map customer needs and wants. That way, the marketing strategy can be effective. For example, promotional material between customers who want to buy cheap products will be different from customers who are looking for good quality products, etc.

Marketing Concepts and Examples

There are five ideal marketing concepts that business people need to know. Here is an explanation of the 5 marketing concepts and examples:

1. Production Concept

The production concept assumes that consumers prefer products that are affordable and available in large quantities. This is what requires management to focus more on the production and distribution processes. This concept focuses on increasing production and producing cheap goods in order to minimize production costs.

Hence, with this production concept, product supply will always be high and there will be no shortage of goods. The goal is definitely to increase business profits. So, the more products produced, sales will increase.


China is a country that applies the concept of production. The majority of products made by China fall into the need and demand category. You must be familiar with products made in China. For example, such as smartphones and accessories. Various household appliances and other electronics also come from China. This product made in China does feature a relatively cheaper price. This is what makes potential consumers interested in buying and using their products.

2. Product Concept

The product concept is a concept where customers prefer products that are quality, useful, and have the features they need. This concept is important because you have to meet the demands and desires of customers. This is done by focusing on marketing strategies and improving product quality and features.

In the product concept, the company not only gives identity to the product, but also adds functional value. This is what makes customers feel the benefits of these products.


Apple is one of the world’s largest technology companies and falls into the needs and wants category. Apple’s main products that are widely known to the public are iPhones, TVs, iPads, and Macbooks. The company follows the product concept by prioritizing product quality. This can be seen from the features in Apple products which have succeeded in becoming technology trendsetters for other electronic goods brands. So, do not be surprised if the price can be very expensive.

3. Sales Concept

The selling concept is a concept where customers will not buy your goods, unless you do sales and promotions on a large scale. This concept makes business people have to carry out continuous promotional activities. You have a duty to motivate and persuade customers to want to buy the products offered. The sales concept is usually applied to large companies that often create large-scale promotional campaigns. For example, advertising cigarette products or e-commerce.

In other words, the sales concept focuses solely on increasing sales. Regardless of whether the customer needs it or not. So, this concept does not care about the company’s relationship with customers.


Shopee is an example of implementing the sales concept. Their company often does large-scale advertising. Especially on pretty dates, like 12.12. The advertisement is a superior marketing strategy that is able to attract customers. Not only that, Shopee also often provides discounts and flash sales through its official application and website. Apart from the affordable price, Shopee also provides free shipping and cashback vouchers. This is what makes many people interested in buying products at Shopee.

4. Marketing Concept

The marketing concept is a customer-oriented concept. That is, the company will place the customer in the marketing process carried out. So, you need to build a strategy that can make customers believe in buying the product. Some ways that you can apply the marketing concept are content marketing, advertising, advertising, influencer marketing, and native advertising. You can even combine several strategies at once to build product branding for customers.

Not only that, the marketing concept also focuses on certain market segments. Because the needs of each customer segment will be different. Hence, the promotion strategy used is also different.


Coca-Cola or Coke is a brand that applies the marketing concept. They use the 4P marketing strategy, namely product, price, promotion, and place. Coke implemented a product marketing strategy, namely by displaying advertisements in various media. Coke leverages social media as its primary marketing tool. In addition, Coke is also a sponsor of several important events, such as American Idol and various Olympics. This is what allows Coke to reach the target market globally. Hence, people are already familiar with this brand.

5. Social Marketing Concept

The concept of social marketing is one of the modern and newest concepts in marketing. By applying this concept, companies can participate in improving the welfare of society. This is because the social marketing concept places human well-being and the balance of nature above short-term profits. Companies that run this marketing concept will focus more on long-term profits.

This is done by ensuring that the products being marketed increase the income of the local community and do not harm the environment. Because, when both of them have problems, the business will stop operating and profits will certainly be lost. That is why, companies that implement this marketing concept have roles and responsibilities in various social and humanitarian activities.


The Body Shop brand, one of the well-known cosmetic brands that uses the concept of social marketing. Their company uses only plant-based ingredients in their products and is against animal testing. This is done because they are aware of the social and environmental problems they are facing.

In addition, The Body Shop also actively participates in humanitarian campaigns. For example, setting up a charitable foundation. There are at least three programs funded by The Body Shop Charity Foundation, namely animal protection programs, human rights protection, and environmental protection around the world.

Those are marketing concepts and examples that you need to know.