Marketing Is So Overwhelming

Marketing Is So Overwhelming

Marketing Is : Say most business owners I work and speak with on a consistent basis these days…

There’s valid (and very real) truth to marketing being a bit overwhelming.

But I don’t think it’s actually the “overwhelming” part that gets people up in a frenzy…

Because plenty of things are overwhelming and we do them consistently and (almost) effortlessly in order to produce a certain type of result.

The first time you drive a car it is overwhelming.

Nobody is complaining about that.

Because there is a definite and guaranteed outcome if you stick with it.

Cooking for the first time…



Check… Anything at it’s core is overwhelming if you are not well versed or skilled at it.

The reason marketing *can be* overwhelming is: You don’t know if it will work or not.

Performing an action that is proven and guaranteed to produce a certain set of results might be taxing, but it is worth it and we do it without complaint (most of the time).

Performing an action that is “supposed” to work but is not attached to a guaranteed return is… terrifying. And overwhelming.

That is why businesses cut their marketing budgets when things slow down or get unpredictable.


It’s like running out of gas in a car and, because the tank is running low, refusing to spend any money on more gas because you are almost out of gas. It doesn’t make any sense.

It is stupid, actually…

It is the job of good marketing to produce more customers, increase retention, and turn each customer into more and more dolla billz (also known as customer lifetime value)…

When revenue gets shaky, all the more reason to invest into creating more customers, more business, and more income down the line.

But to do that, you need the guarantee that comes with a particular type of marketing called…

Direct response.

*Most* “agencies” don’t even know what this is. Or if they do, they don’t practice it… Buying up billboards and other such stupid media where there is zero accountability and zero ROI measurement capabilities.

No wonder businesses don’t view marketing as an “investment” – because when you do “marketing” this way, it’s not an investment (it’s an expense).

Here are three “rules” for creating marketing with an ROI attached to it…

Follow these rules and every dollar you spend will be held accountable to bring at least more than 1 dollar in return.

This kind of marketing eliminates the need for a “marketing budget”… because when you spend $1 to make $3, why would you ever “budget” that?

You wouldn’t… you’d just turn the faucet on full blast and let ‘er rip.

Here goes:

1: If you cannot monitor and track the return from it, do not pay for it.

Not complicated…

Listen, ask yourself, “Will I be able to tell (on paper) if this particular investment is making me more money than it’s costing me? To the penny?” If the answer is “no,” save yourself the time and money and move on.

2: Follow up and communicate with people until they buy or leave.

I ask potential clients about their past marketing ventures before I let them become private clients… I want to know what they’ve tried, if they’ve tried anything at all, and what has worked or hasn’t worked…

Shockingly, here is the most common answer: “We sent a letter once and did not get a great response so we haven’t done anything since.”

One letter?

Or one email?

Are you crazy?

Studies have shown that it takes 7 “touches” before someone respects you enough, trusts you enough, or is tired enough of hearing from you before they eventually buy.

If you can build out multi-touch marketing campaigns, you enter the realm of what I call “PRD”…

Predictable. Repeatable. Dependable.

It’s a good place to be.

3: Create authority.

A huge pillar of this kind of marketing is something called “believability.” People have to believe you before they will ever trade money with you.

Authority is a “status” more than anything else. (It can be created)

There is a proven method to creating authority status for you and your business… You just need to know what things to do (in the proper order), and then do them consistently.

I help businesses build this authority status through my high end services (including the “Authority Builder”) – where we systematically build out your authority platform and generate massive improvements to your customer acquisition process… (read: new customers)

But it’s expensive, and not a lot of people qualify for this. The best way to get started is on your own… By learning the steps to take and slowly, surely building out your platform day by day. I train people how to do that in my premium marketing newsletter called the “Business Builder Letter.”