Marketing Strategy Tips Affordable

Marketing Strategy Tips Affordable

Marketing strategy -Have a small budget but want to do a marketing strategy? Find 5 affordable marketing strategies on the Journal By Mekari blog. To get a lot of customers, of course you have to market your business.

But if you’re just starting out with a small budget, you may not be able to capitalize on your marketing efforts with billboards, radio ads, and other marketing tips that require a hefty budget. You need to find an effective and inexpensive marketing strategy method. Implementing a marketing strategy with a small budget is possible. You just need to be wise and strategic about the expenses you spend on your marketing efforts.

Reading this article you will be able to find low-cost marketing solutions and answer questions such as:

  • Promotional media at an affordable cost is what media?
  • When we start a business, we definitely want to save money. This will affect the marketing strategy made. How to do marketing with the smallest possible cost or limited?

What are the Tips for Running a Marketing Strategy at an Affordable Cost?

Marketing strategy

Here are tips on cheap and affordable marketing strategies.

Do a Market Survey Before Executing Your Strategy

It is very important to create a marketing strategy (Marketing Plan) before you carry out the technicalities of your marketing efforts. And the first step in developing an affordable marketing plan or strategy is to understand who your target customers are and what they want from your company or business services.

A good way to get a better understanding of your customers is to do a survey about your product or service. If you can’t afford to hire a professional to do your research, do it yourself by creating a short questionnaire and inviting your regulars to participate in the survey you initiated.

Pampering Regular Customers Is One Of The Affordable Marketing Strategies

Typically, it will cost about five times more to market your product and convince new customers than your regular customers. So make sure you don’t ignore the regulars who already know and trust you.

Consider, for example, inviting your best customers out for dinner or a game of golf and using this opportunity to have a discussion about how to improve business services.

You can also personally write or email your top ten customers thanking them and letting them know they’re part of your new loyalty program or inviting them to check out your newest product that you haven’t decided to market yet.

By doing this, it is hoped that your regular customers will spread the positive news about your services to your new potential customers. Of course, this strategy is more effective and is a marketing strategy at an affordable cost.

Take Advantage of Online Marketing Strategies

The internet gives you access to virtualize your business for 24 hours at a low and affordable cost. You can build communication with potential new customers by offering high-quality content through blogs, guide articles, videos, and newsletters.

And if you already have more budget, you can hire the services of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency to support your articles to appear on the first page on each search engine platform.

You can also expand your marketing reach by using social media accounts. Some social media accounts allow netizens who could be your customers to leave reviews on your posts.

Build Relationships with Print or Online Media

Stories or media reviews both print and online about your business are generally far more valuable and effective. Instead of relying on advertising because there is value in the form of (one of them) the credibility it gives your business.

However, the problem is that it is difficult to attract the attention of the media journalists. Keep in mind that journalists or blogs and blogger reviewers are looking for interesting stories to be told and released by the journalist media.

So, approach and help convince them with a story about your innovative product. Your communication with customers is unique. And the actions of your business that you think deserve to be told and seen by readers.

If done right, this is one of the most affordable marketing strategies to try.

Sponsoring Various Events Outside of Business Activities

By sponsoring futsal teams, campus events, or participating in charity campaigns, these efforts will not let your expenses go to waste. In addition to getting respect, you also get feedback that is not only in the form of nominal numbers, you seem to win their “heart”.

The form of sponsorship that you provide is not only in the form of money, you may be able to give those you sponsor with discount vouchers. Your creativity certainly plays an important role in building a low-cost marketing strategy, and an affordable marketing strategy. Do not always assume that the high prices of various marketing services will always be effective and bring benefits to your business.

Because if you are not really wise and careful, it might even become ineffective and you will only end up wasting money. The same is the case when you choose Accounting Software or other tools whose purpose is to meet your financial recording and reporting needs.