Effective Ways of Marketing Through WhatsApp

Effective Ways of Marketing Through WhatsApp

Effective ways of marketing through whatsapp, WhatsApp marketing is a term used in digital marketing today. Does WhatsApp marketing include digital marketing?

WhatsApp (WA) itself is a social media application that provides many services for exchanging messages, making video/voice calls, sending pictures, audio and files for free. This application has been widely used by people around the world, so that it becomes an opportunity for a brand.

Thus, WhatsApp is also used as a medium for carrying out business activities including promotions for sales to customers or customers. This is where the term WhatsApp marketing appears.

WhatsApp’s Role in Assisting Business Activities

1. Improvised delivery system

Customers can be encouraged to share their location via WhatsApp. By getting the exact coordinates of the delivery location, it can help your company make deliveries faster by choosing the shortest route to optimize operational costs.

2. Closer to the customer

With the easy-to-use WhatsApp chat, businesses can reach customers faster in an efficient way.

3. Create groups to drive marketing easier

WhatsApp allows its users to form groups of up to 100 people. You can use this to stay connected to your customer base, this can drive marketing.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Business?

Marketing is a very important element to increase sales. WA Marketing turns out to have an important role in marketing, namely attracting customer attention. The following benefits of marketing products through WhatsApp marketing are:

1. Establish deeper relationships with customers

WhatsApp offers convenience for customers to communicate with businesses, whether to buy a product or just ask a question. Likewise with businesses that can more quickly and efficiently reach and serve customers. That way, businesses can be closer to customers, including marketing their products.

2. Higher conversion rate

Picking the perfect channel is a great start to retaining customers. The WhatsApp application is a great choice to drive your prospects towards a purchase. Businesses say that customers answer 40% of their WhatsApp messages. In fact, based on a research, WhatsApp encourages customers to interact, thereby increasing conversions by 112.6%.

3. Marketing products more effectively

WhatsApp allows its users to create group chats of up to 100 people. Through these groups, you can easily share information and promotions with customers. Apart from that, you can also create special resellers that will help control them selling their products.

4. Product delivery is faster

WhatsApp application has a feature to share location. You can ask customers to share their location with the exact coordinates of the delivery location. This will make it easier for your courier to make deliveries faster by choosing the shortest route so as to save time and operational costs.

5. Better sales

Adding a WhatsApp phone number on your website can generate 27% more sales leads. It also increases the opportunity to reach brands via any messaging app can instill trust in potential customers.

Even better, you can think of WhatsApp as a standalone sales channel for your business. This is in line with the increasing tendency of people to buy through messaging applications. About 60% of consumers believe they will use messenger more to make purchases in the future.

6. Lower marketing costs

WhatsApp is a very affordable marketing channel. All you need is to make sure this app stays connected to the Internet. Meanwhile, as previously explained, WhatsApp drives more conversions, increases sales, and builds deep, quality relationships with customers. All these activities do not require large marketing costs.

Effective Ways of Marketing Through WhatsApp

Did you know that now you can also use the WhatsApp application as a marketing medium? Moreover, WhatsApp is the most widely used platform, especially by the people of Indonesia.

1. Create a business account

First, you must create a business account with a unique number for your business. With a business account, everything related to customers will be easier to monitor. This means that business marketing can also run more effectively. To get the most out of it, you can also upgrade your account to the WhatsApp Business API, an upgraded version of WhatsApp Business which is equipped with various advanced business support features.

2. Focus on the target market

Second, determine the target market you want. Group prospects or customers based on certain aspects, such as age, occupation, geography, and many more. This information can make it easier for you to determine what kind of marketing and content strategy is right for your target market.

3. Create quality content

After determining your target market, you need to create quality marketing content. So that you can reach your prospects and customers effectively. In addition to attracting customer attention, quality content can also get them to transact with your business.

4. Send promotional messages regularly

In an effort to build engagement and convert potential customers, you need to share attractive offers via broadcast messages. Use the WA Blast feature to easily spread broadcast messages without the need to save customer contacts first, and vice versa. Don’t forget to use good communication methods through good hypnoselling, hypno-writing, and copywriting techniques when sending messages.

5. Create a product catalog

Catalogs will make it easier for customers to find out what products your business offers. Use WhatsApp Chatbot to share your customer catalog. That way, customers can immediately choose the products they need without the need to open your business profile first. This way of offering products via WA is quite effective in increasing sales because of its convenience.

6. Make the most of WhatsApp features

The WA API has a variety of advanced and attractive features that you can use to maximize your business marketing. For example, features like “Away Messages”, “Greeting Messages”, and “Quick Replies” are great for securing and maintaining your customer relationships.

7. Provide customer support

The last but not least important method of marketing on WhatsApp is providing responsive customer support. This is to ensure that when customers ask questions, they can immediately get a response from your business customer support. In this case, you can also take advantage of the WhatsApp Chatbot feature to help answer customer requests automatically 24/7. So, no more customers will feel disappointed because of unanswered messages.

Those are seven WhatsApp marketing methods that you can try. How, quite easy to do right?