Marketing Tips On Instagram

Marketing Tips On Instagram

Marketing tips on instagram-Currently, the use of social media is not just for posting photos or videos. Social media is also used to sell business products that we have. One of the most influential social media on the sale of a business’s products is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the social media that has a big and important influence in a business. Until now, Instagram already has 700 million users and every day about 60 million photos are shared and can give 1.6 billion likes.

Instagram is the most popular application for sharing photos and videos. This is one of the reasons why Instagram has various benefits for business people to build and develop a business brand.

Maybe many of you are wondering, how to use Instagram to support your business. Well, in this article, we will cover all about Instagram for business.

Optimizing Brand Identity on Business Instagram Accounts

Marketing tips on instagram

When you’re done creating an Instagram account for business, make sure you follow these tips.

1. Optimize Your Username and Bio

To make your account easy to find, your Instagram username should be the same as your username on your other business social media profiles.

In addition to your username, the information that appears on your public profile is your website (a column for the URL, which you can use to promote new campaigns or content on your website) and a short bio.

Use your bio to explain what your business is and what people can expect from your Instagram account. You can also include some branded hashtags that your followers might use.

What are branded hashtags? Branded hashtags is a hashtag that you can use for promotional activities, product launching, contests or quizzes, and events.

With branded hashtags, people can simply search for and follow those hashtags to know all about your business.

One brand that has successfully used branded hashtags is South by Southwest. Since 2007, all Twitter users can type #SXSW into the search box and they can immediately see what people are tweeting about the event.

2. Use Attractive Instagram Profile Photos

A business Instagram profile photo is usually your company logo. As with usernames, using the same profile photo on all your social media profiles will help people recognize your brand.

Keep in mind that your Instagram profile photo has a circular format, so make sure first that your picture looks good in that format.

Instagram recommends a diameter of 110 pixels for your images. But, just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to use larger images as they will also get bigger when opened on the desktop.

3. Follow other Instagram accounts in the same industry

To get started, you should first follow other Instagram accounts. You can follow other businesses related to your business or find influencers in your industry. You can also follow other accounts that are relevant to your business.

Instagram’s demographic is pretty broad, so make sure you know what kind of audience you want to target. You can leverage hashtags in your industry to strengthen your presence on Instagram.

You can also leave comments on photos of other accounts and follow people who are participating in conversations on various accounts. This is one of the steps that can help you grow your Instagram following quickly.

Don’t forget to also promote your Instagram username on your website and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

3. Maintain Consistent Content Publishing

To have a successful Instagram account, you must be able to maintain your Instagram presence.

To do this, you must be active on Instagram. For example, post a photo or video every few times – at least once a day. You can also repost or re-gram photos or videos from other accounts if they are relevant and related.

Although don’t post too often – for example once an hour – because this can make your followers tired of seeing your account on their timeline.

4. Determine the Purpose of Creating an Instagram Account

Just like any other way of marketing, using Instagram for your business also requires a strategy. What do you hope you get by using Instagram for Business? The objectives of your marketing strategy can be integrated with your overall business objectives, for example:

1.  Increase sales
2. Increase traffic to your website
3. Increase brand awareness
4. Improve customer satisfaction
5. Build connections with influencers

Tips for a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

With a business account, you need to put together a marketing plan to build a strong community and see concrete results for your business. Your strategy should include the following four points:

1. Pay Attention to Content Upload Time

One of the things you should do with regards to posting time is to have a regular posting time without disturbing your followers with excessive updates.

One way that you can do to choose a schedule is to do the test at a different time and see the results. Which post has the highest engagement (or customer engagement – usually in the form of likes and comments).

Once you see which time is most appropriate, enter that time in your content calendar or editorial calendar to schedule your Instagram posts.

2. Define Content Theme

Choosing content with different themes helps your business ensure that your customers won’t get bored with your content.

Also, different content can help you achieve different objectives. For example, the Instagram account of a school that has an objective to increase brand awareness and find new students can choose contests, alumni stories, and campus life as the main content themes.

3. Create Content Guidelines

Instagram a brand should have their own style to distinguish their account from other brands so that your brand can be memorable.

Try creating a guideline for your Instagram posts; would you like to use emoji in your caption? Do you want to use formal or informal language for your captions? Would you like to use illustrations for your posts? These style guidelines should help you make your Instagram account distinct, consistent, and memorable.

4. Create Engagement Guidelines for Replying to Messages and Comments

This guideline was created to determine how your business should interact with other accounts on Instagram, from liking and commenting on other account photos to responding to comments that enter your business Instagram account.

5. Use a Consistent Visual Style

A study from WebDam on visuals on social media found that 60% of well-known brands on Instagram use the same filter on every post.

By using the same filter in all your photos, your business Instagram account will have a style that your followers will easily recognize. Because one of your goals in using Instagram is to get likes and comments.

The more recognizable your photos are, the more likely your followers will like and leave comments on your photos.

To help you create consistent visuals, you can use editing apps like VSCOcam and Enhance. Both of these apps provide filters and editing options that can help you find a style that fits your brand.

6. Specify the Subject you want to display

Visually, you need to determine what content you want to focus your account on. Of course, if you sell clothes, the photos that you will upload on your business Instagram account are photos of clothes.

If you own a restaurant, of course you will upload pictures of the food from your restaurant.

But, of course once in a while you are allowed to upload images that may not be related to your business, but can be interesting posts for your followers. For example, photos of pets or photos of your business staff to make your profile more personal.

7. Use Branded Hashtags

Even though Instagram is a visual-first social media, there are non-visual elements you need to add to your Instagram brand, such as caption styles.

One popular technique is branded hashtags. This doesn’t mean just using your company name as a hashtag. You can also create hashtags that symbolize and represent your brand and encourage followers to share photos that match that hashtag.

8. Know the Identity of Followers

Your business will not succeed on Instagram by simply copying the strategies of other brands. What works for Starbucks or Red Bull will not work for financial institutions or non-profit organizations.

Pay attention to your audience and make sure you cater to their interests and desires. See what’s working for your business on other social networks, what content your audience is sharing on Instagram, and how they interact with your competitors or similar brands.

9. Think Creative

Take a picture, add a filter, and post. These three steps are indeed the basic steps of using Instagram.

It may have worked when Instagram was still in its infancy, but this platform has changed a lot and now offers many opportunities for businesses to share a wide variety of engaging and interactive content.

Here are some ways to get out there and be more creative with your Instagram content.

10. Always Use Captions on Posts

Instagram may contain compelling visual content, but don’t overlook the captions that accompany each photo. Captions provide a great opportunity for your business to tell a story.

Instagram captions allow you to expand on an image, provide context, and even make your followers laugh (especially if you enjoy using emojis).