National Motivation and Inspiration Day

National Motivation and Inspiration Day

National Motivation : New Year’s Day is the day many of us decide to change ourselves for the better. It might be through a healthier eating style or it could be completing that project that’s been on the backburner for months. But plans are one thing and carrying them out is something completely different.

Consider what happens when you set a goal. Unless you actually start to carry it out, you will never succeed in achieving it. And while some may start out strong, many individuals have forgotten their resolutions by the end of January. So, in order to achieve your New Year goals, you need to find the motivation and inspiration to unlock your potential and fulfill the ambitions you set for yourself.

To provide that extra bit of incentive, January 2nd is the day when we really need to focus on the motivation for fulfilling those goals. The United States Congress passed legislation affirming January 2nd as its national Motivation and Inspiration Day on December 18, 2001.National Motivation The renowned motivational speaker Kevin McCrudden lobbied to Congress that the importance of such a day should be nationally acknowledged to remind the public of the importance of not only planning but fulfilling their goals and achieving success.

Goal Setting Tips

For the small business owner, this day is set aside to help you focus on the importance of reviewing and resetting your annual goals. It is clearly evident that in order to be successful, you must first know where you’re going National Motivation.

1. Set realistic long term and short term goals

Long term plans take time and consist of many smaller, more focused goals. But, as anyone in the business world will confirm, times change with trends, new techniques, and even the creation of new industries and trades. This means that the goals you set previously may not be compatible with the future direction of your business.

So, before the New Year gets here, take the time to analyze your yearly goals and see what direction you need to take this upcoming year. Are there tasks left unfinished? What do you lack? What goals will you need to set for this next year in order to succeed?

The idea is to set realistic resolutions and goals. Break apart a larger goal into smaller, more focused goals and set them into your calendar. Don’t just designate “by the end of the year.” Generate a calendar that specifies when and what it will take to accomplish your goals. Basically, you’re setting yourself up for success.

2. Review and tweak your goals periodically

Many business owners have developed a method or outline to their agenda, simply adjusting the details for the next year. While this helps to maintain a stable business model, it is also necessary to incorporate flexibility into such a model so that it can be tuned. The best way to do this is to look at how your model worked the previous year. Did you have to make adjustments often? Did you have to stray from your plans too many times? Consider what has worked and use that to design an annual agenda that will work this next year.

Remember that one of the largest issues with annual goal setting is that we look at the entire year and think that all of that time can be used on achieving a single goal. Unfortunately new situations arise, changes occur, or there is the real prospect of procrastination because the goal seems overwhelming.

3. Make your goals visible

Because it’s important to see where you’re going, the visibility of your goals is a key element. This is why writing your goals and generating a calendar are very important. Many New Year’s resolutions end up being neglected or forgotten after only a month. The problem here lies in the inability to see your goal and to be inspired to pursue it. It is all about finding ways to motivate yourself and others with those plans, rather than merely planning.

4. Think positively

But, motivation isn’t just seeing. It’s about believing, as well. For those small business owners that set goals, they must also feel compelled to pursue them. And what is the best motivation? It lies in having the confidence that you can. Set goals in a positive way. Rather than thinking, “I have to do it or else… ” it will be far more effective to think, “If I do this, I will get this.” Which seems more rewarding to you?

January 2nd is the day when we really need to focus on the motivation for fulfilling those goals.

5. Motivate yourself

Not only is it important to have goals but also just as necessary to possess the motivation to fulfill them. What drives you? What have you done to achieve your goal already? Planning and goal setting are only part of a New Year’s resolution. The motivation and inspiration we have (not just today but tomorrow and the next day) will keep us moving and working towards success. Plan to motivate yourself this January 2nd and realize what the New Year can really offer your business.