Optimize Case Packing on a Small Business Budget

Optimize Case Packing on a Small Business Budget

Optimize Case Packing : Efficiency Benefits of Implementation of Packaging Automation

Eliminating labor costs and increasing production efficiency are aspects all small businesses consider imperative to achieving success in the modern marketplace. However, small business owners may assume that there are no affordable options when it comes to automating certain aspects of their product packaging systems.

Incorporating semi-automatic case packing into processes, even on a minimal scale, can improve package appearance, increase daily production, and eliminate some human labor costs.

Among small business owners’ checklists for successful growth, optimization of their production efficiency through implementation of automatic packaging is a must. Depending on the product, a small business may prefer to case pack in a range of methods.

For example, these methods could require horizontal or a wrap-around processes. Fortunately, there are companies in the marketplace that have affordable, customizable packing options for businesses with low to moderate production needs.

Semi-automatic horizontal case packing machines provide a loading station and speed up the final packaging stage by folding cardboard materials, erecting the case, and compressing tape or glue closure.

A small-scale machine such as this, can speed up final case packing by hundreds of units per hour in comparison to 100% human labor. Small businesses will benefit from this semi-automatic case packing machine on economic levels that outweigh its initial cost.

Even for products that require wrap-around case packing systems, there are semi-automatic machines that can increase the efficiency of this very important stage of product production. These semi-automatic packaging machines may handle corrugated or paperboard materials.

In a production process, these machines take each blank and form them into the appropriate shape and move cartons to a manual product-loading station, which can feature an elective automatic collating loader.


the tray or carton may be secured through optional end-flap and corner glue stations. A machine such as this, may speed up final case packing by thousands of cartons per hour. This is where most businesses save money and time.

Customization of these semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines is a crucial, and as companies grow and adjust with their market demand, so should their packaging equipment.

Additionally, the more simple a machine is designed, the easier it will be to perform maintenance and operate on a daily basis. Finally, a business owner should only consider product packaging vendors that have a tenured record of impeccable customer support and are familiar with the evolving needs of small businesses.