Performance of Financing Companies Grows Positively.

Performance of Financing Companies Grows Positively.

The financing industry has recorded positive growth even in the midst of a pandemic, one of which is PT Mandala Multifinance. Mandala’s business development, which has been established since July 21, 1997, has succeeded in achieving significant growth and development in Indonesia.
This is evidenced by the achievement of Mandala which was recorded to have succeeded in disbursing financing of Rp. 5 trillion in 2021, growing 74.14% from the achievement in 2020.

Mandala also continues to be committed to developing its business through more than 500 offline networks, and through the Mantis application which is an online network with the hope of reaching all levels of society throughout Indonesia.

Mandala Finance held the People’s Festival (Perak) festival which was held in 5 cities. This festival is held to commemorate the anniversary of Mandala Finance which falls on July 21, 2022 and at the same time strengthens its role as a finance company that is close to the people of Indonesia.

“This year is the first time we hold this Silver event in line with the recovery of the situation and the economy of the community which had deteriorated due to the pandemic in the last two years,