Plus Minus Clothing Business

Plus Minus Clothing Business

Are you interested in entering the clothing business? These are the advantages and disadvantages.

Clothing, food and shelter are three basic human needs that must be met. Clothing which means clothing, has the main function to protect the body. However, now clothes are also a medium to express themselves to reflect social status.

Various creations and innovations are carried out by business people in the clothing sector. Of course, these two things must be done because the clothing sector is faced with intense competition and rapidly changing trends. However, support from the government has also offset the progress of this sector.

Interested in the clothing business? Check out the full discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this business.

The Advantages of the Clothing Business

  • Number of requests

As discussed above, clothing is a primary human need. Therefore, humans will always need clothes at any time. With the right business strategy, your product has the potential to sell well in the market.

  • No expiration

In contrast to food or drinks that have an expiration date, clothing has no limited shelf life. As long as clothing products are stored properly, the quality will be maintained and worth selling.

  • Lots of room to innovate

The rapidly changing trend also has a positive side, where the apparel business has room to innovate. The fashion sector provides opportunities for actors to come up with ideas and realize them. Very suitable for those of you who have a myriad of ideas!

  • Distribution is relatively easy

Clothing is not fragile or sensitive to certain things. Therefore, you can easily distribute clothing products throughout Indonesia, even the world. You only need protective plastic, then your product will be safe in the hands of consumers. Thus, the clothing business can also reach a very broad target market.

  • Can be done online

The clothing business gives you the flexibility to do it online. With increasing public interest in the use of social media and marketplaces for shopping, it is easier for you to sell without the need for an offline store.

In addition, the clothing business is also very possible to do with the dropship method, so you only need to have a cellphone and internet only!

Disadvantages of Clothing Business

  • Number of competitors

The clothing business is indeed tempting because the demand for it is always there, it causes many business people in this sector. Intense competition requires you to rack your brain so that the product you sell is chosen by the target consumer.

But don’t be afraid, with careful planning, unique concepts, and optimal marketing strategies, you can definitely be successful in the clothing business!

  • Trends change very fast

Although clothing products will not expire, trends that change very quickly can make these products ‘stale’. The stale in question is that it is no longer relevant to the development of trends, so it is no longer in demand.

To overcome this, you must always follow trends so that the products you sell are in accordance with the wishes of consumers.

  • Relatively large capital

If the clothing business is not run by the dropship or reseller method, in other words you are a manufacturer, then the capital required is quite large. This is because many tools are needed, ranging from sewing machines, neci machines, other sewing equipment, to costs for research and product development.

  • Big promotion fee

Intense competition makes you need to set a marketing strategy. Now, marketing that is loved is through digital means, such as advertising on social media, campaigns, endorsements, to the use of brand ambassadors that require no small amount of money.

  • Repeat orders tend to be small

Clothing products that do not have an expiration date are indeed profitable. But like two blades, on the other hand this also seems to be detrimental. Durable clothes can be worn many times, so people tend to use them for a long time and don’t make repeat purchases or repeat orders.

This is where innovation is needed, even though consumers have a lot of clothes, but if you can present a product that can make them tempted, it will still be in demand in the market. That’s an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the clothing business. By now, of course, you have understood the pluses and minuses of this business sector. Are you increasingly interested or just want to explore other business sectors?