Product Packaging Function In Marketing

Product Packaging Function In Marketing

Product packaging function-There is a product packaging function that every entrepreneur must know, both those who are just starting a business or those who have been in the business world for a long time. After all, as an entrepreneur, you want the product you sell to be widely known.

One way is to make good product packaging, so that it can be widely known. Although it seems simple, product packaging has very real value for your business.

Apart from being a promotional medium, what are the functions of product packaging? IDN Times will summarize it for you. Listen, come on!

Product Packaging Function In Marketing

Product packaging function

1. As a brand identity

One of the functions of product packaging is as the identity of a brand. Product packaging will be the first focus of customers when they see it. That is, product packaging is very important to give a first impression to consumers.

Why is packaging known as a brand identity? Because, in a package there are colors, sizes, shapes, and fonts. These elements are what make your brand look different from other brands. Packaging can also be a means of communicating your brand to customers.

2. Preserve and protect the product

Another function of product packaging is to preserve and protect the product. The reason is, there are products that are very susceptible to temperature and weather. If the product is stored in cold or hot conditions, the product is susceptible to bacteria or microbes.

Therefore, making good packaging is very necessary to protect the products being sold. Call it a product made of leather. If it is not packaged properly, it will be susceptible to mold, especially in the humid rainy season.

3. Promotion and information tools

No matter how good the quality of your product, everything will be in vain if no one knows about it. That is why it is necessary to design the packaging as attractive as possible. The more unique and attractive the packaging you present, the higher the chance that consumers will glance at your product.

As a promotional medium, packaging must be designed in such a way, taking into account the color, size, and what images you want to include. It will be an added value if the packaging displays the public face of a certain figure.

In addition, the packaging also serves to provide information, especially regarding its composition and whether the products sold have passed the test. This is even more significant for food and beverage products, which must receive a BPOM or MUI label in order to increase their selling value.

As a means of information, the packaging must also contain the date suitable for consumption or expiration, so that customers know when to eat or dispose of it for food and beverage products.

4. Increase efficiency in distribution

Efficiency is a consideration of product packaging. Storing goods with large enough packaging will take up space, time, and money. As an entrepreneur, you should pay attention to the size and shape of your product packaging. The more concise the packaging used, the more efficient the production costs will be. However, try not to override the quality you have, so that the contents of the product can be maintain properly.

5. Adding selling value

You could say the function of product packaging is like a garment. A person’s appearance really depends on his clothes. The same is true for products.

Just imagine if the product is sold without packaging, it’s certainly not attractive because something is missing. As a result, customers will ignore your product no matter how good the quality is.

So, do not be surpris if the packaging can provide its own value for the products sold. The better the product packaging, both in terms of design and quality, the higher the selling value to customers will be.

6. Guarantee the product content

A product of course must pass through the stages of distribution in order to reach the hands of consumers. In that process, of course, manufacturers cannot ensure the safety, safety, and level of hygiene of their shipments. That’s where the packaging function of the packaging becomes very important, namely guaranteeing the contents of the product.

Customers certainly don’t want to buy something whose packaging has been damag. Never mind buying, just glance at it would be impossible. Packaging ensures that the contents of the product are not damag during the shipping process.

Especially for products that are vulnerable and prone to damage, such as food. Because, sometimes food can not stand under certain conditions. Good packaging also ensures that the taste remains delicious when consumed and does not change, including the texture of the product contents.

7. Contains instructions on how to dispose of

How to dispose of packaging may seem trivial. However, for some entrepreneurs, it is important to pay attention to the procedures for disposing of packaging. This is increasingly relevant in the midst of a campaign to protect the environment from non-biodegradable waste, one of which is product packaging.

This is where it is important for you to tell customers how to properly dispose of packaging. This will increase the popularity of the brand, because consumers will know if the products you sell are very concerned about the environment.

8. Fulfill customer’s request

One of the functions of product packaging that you might not expect is to answer customer requests. This strategy is play by the world’s big brands. Thus, customers not only enjoy the contents of the product, but also make the packaging a special collection.

This phenomenon is clearly seen when McDonalds presents packaging with a special edition BTS. Not only were McDonalds products sold out, the packaging itself was even sold at a much higher price than the food.

9. Maintain safety during storage

No less important, the packaging of a product serves to maintain the security of its contents as long as the product is stored. Especially in the long term for certain products. In the process of designing the packaging as well as the packaging itself, it is necessary to ensure that the contents of the product are safe. Either from dirt or other hazards.

10. Visually appealing

The thing that should not be miss from selling a product is its visual identification. Because packaging with attractive visuals can certainly attract people to buy it. Therefore, it affects the sales function of a product.

11. As product identification

The next function of product packaging is related to product identification. That is, packaging designed through special containers, colors, and shapes will certainly distinguish it from competitors. Therefore, the packaging of a product can also be interpret as the personality or image of the product. There is a special job that takes care of the design of a product so that it is not arbitrary.

12. Ease of transportation

Please note that manufacturers or sellers must also pay attention to the convenience and ease of transporting or moving products from one place to another. For example, from the factory to the distributor, then from the distributor to the consumer. Especially in food products that must be easy to transport, store, and easy to consume.

13. Convenience for consumers

As mentioned earlier, a product packaging must provide convenience for consumers. Manufacturers or sellers must think about convenience, starting from storage and consumption. An aspect that is no less important is that in packaging there should be no waste.

14. Production cost is more effective

Then the last one relates to the cost of product packaging. By paying attention to the functions and aspects of product packaging, a seller should be able to reduce production costs so that they remain effective and not wasteful. It can also reduce losses due to packaging damage. Furthermore, it can achieve the economic effectiveness of the company.