Professional IRS Tax Attorneys

Professional IRS Tax Attorneys

Professional IRS : IRS tax attorneys are expertly trained in IRS tax law and are able to provide advice on and assistance with Offers in Compromise, innocent spouse relief, abatement of penalties, removal of federal tax liens, lifting of levies on assets, bankruptcy discharge analysis, appeals representation and so on.

Many firms specialize in tax resolution and hire the best and the brightest lawyers and tax specialists to help their clients. These firms have helped the tax resolution industry to grow by leaps and bounds over the past several years. Most of them have sound track records and have helped thousands of people get out of IRS tax debt. Almost always, IRS tax lawyers and specialists are able to help with tax problems and initiate settlements for a fraction of what is owed.

Professional IRS Tax Attorneys often focus on a particular specialty such as capital gains taxes, employee fringe benefits taxes, passive activity income taxes, self-employment taxes and employee taxes. They have many hours of training and experience behind them making them an excellent source of invaluable information and assistance. They come with a helping hand stretched out for you to grasp if you are losing sleep over your tax problems. Most can resolve your tax problems quickly which reduces the amount of stress you are feeling from owing a debt to the IRS.

IRS Tax Attorneys represent clients from all over the United States and in many foreign countries as well. They provide the highest quality legal services and personalize each taxpayers own individual circumstances. They work directly with their clients and work out strategies on how best to decrease or eliminate the tax debt. They are there to answer questions and to be a source of encouragement for individuals needing debt relief.

IRS Tax Specialists who are employed by tax relief agencies are generally former IRS revenue agents, former interns to bankruptcy judges, seasoned tax lawyers and Certified Public Accountants. All of these people are experts in the field and work together to put their client’s best interests first. Their combined education and experience is what is essential in getting most IRS debt lowered or eliminated completely.