How to Promote WhatsApp Marketing that is Right on Target

How to Promote WhatsApp Marketing that is Right on Target

How to Promote WhatsApp Marketing, WhatsApp is the platform most widely used by Indonesian people in particular. Therefore, many businesses use WhatsApp as a marketing medium. This promoe WhatsApp marketing method is believed to be effective in attracting customers to make transactions.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is one of the tools on WhatsApp that is used by business activities, marketing a product or service. So, it can be said that WhatsApp marketing promotions are an alternative to implementing digital marketing.

WhatsApp as digital marketing is able to improve marketing functions, with internet-based, through information and communication technology.

Apart from that, WhatsApp itself has also allowed its users to do business, to send promotional messages using a combination of the WhatsApp Business App features and the WhatsApp Business Application Programming Interface (API).

How to Promote WhatsApp Marketing that is Right on Target

WhatsApp marketing is an effective way to market products or services. You need to maximize WA marketing features to encourage increased sales. Promote whatsApp marketing strategies that effectively increase sales are as follows:

 1. Provide a Special Number

You must separate personal and business matters. Therefore, it would be better if you set up a special number to run your business. The number is only for interacting with your customers.

With a special business number, everything related to your customers will be easier to monitor. Apart from that, you can also take full advantage of WhatsApp features without being bothered with personal matters.

 2. Focus on Your Target Market

Determine the target market you want to target. Start grouping prospects or customers that you have. For example, based on millennial age customers, middle age, loyal customers who will shop a lot, and so on.

You can find information related to your target market through exhibitions, or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. This information includes identity data and an active business number.

Utilize this information to follow up on product offerings through Whatsapp marketing promotions. Do an evaluation, every 3 or 6 months, which customers are active and which ones need to be contacted again for follow-up.

 3. Maximize One on One and Group Chats

In addition to the usual chat column, WhatsApp also provides group chats consisting of many members. Maximize these two features for marketing.

For example, enter your target customers in one group to make it easier for you to reach them. You do this by sharing promotions or other attractive offers.

If group chats aren’t enough, try taking a personal approach through one-on-one chats. Most people are more interested in interacting personally than in groups.

 4. Use the Story Feature for Promotion

WhatsApp also has a story feature that functions similarly to Instagram. You can use this feature to share information regarding the promotion that you are running with your contacts. This can attract their attention to further interact with you.

Apart from that, you can also share testimonials from existing customers. The goal is to build the credibility of your business in the eyes of other customers.

 5. Label your chats

Depending on the scale and nature of your business, you will have different contacts for different purposes. Instead of saving contact names with awkward words like “Ashna blacktop June”, you can keep adding and updating labels to your chats. What’s more, you can add custom labels to separate groups.
6. Create quality content

Content is very influential for business. Therefore, it is mandatory for businesses that use Whatsapp marketing promotional media to create quality content. In addition to attracting the attention of customers, this content can get them to transact.

 7. Send WhatsApp marketing promotional messages regularly

The way to offer products via WA is to send promotional messages. In an effort to build engagement and convert potential customers, share attractive offers via broadcast or broadcast messages.

Through the WhatsApp broadcast feature from the WA API, to spread broadcast messages without the need to save previous customer contacts, and vice versa. Don’t forget to use good communication methods through good hypnoselling, hypno-writing, and copywriting techniques.

 8. Create a Product Catalog

Catalogs will make it easier for customers to find out what products your business offers. Use Chatbot to share your customer catalog. That way, customers can immediately choose the product they need. This way of offering products via WA is quite effective in increasing sales because of its convenience.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Promotion

Why WhatsApp marketing? Here are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing, including:

 1. Means to Capture Many Customers

The benefit of promote WhatsApp marketing is that it can make businesses more quickly and efficiently reach and serve customers online. Sellers can also build closeness with customers, to market products and their details via private chat, for example.

 2. Facilitate Promotional Activities

The WhatsApp application also provides a feature to create groups of hundreds of people. Well, that’s where we can share information and promotions to many people. That’s where the group is useful for sharing information and promotions with customers.

 3. Increase Business Income

Reported by its official website, WhatsApp Business claims that using conversations through this application, is able to speed up the buyer’s journey. One of the reasons is because on WhatsApp we can attract many buyers, where there will also be more sales opportunities.

 4. Help to Monitor the Delivery System

The benefit of using WhatsApp marketing next is that WhatsApp can help monitor delivery points live. Only by using the coordinates of the location, to be sent to either the courier or the customer.

 5. Can Connect with Customers Longer

In business, WhatsApp can be our means to connect with customers through messages. As is known, initially WhatsApp was a platform to help its users send messages. That way, we might also be able to retain purchase prospects from customers, from this messaging experience.

Promote whatsApp marketing are very useful for promoting products directly to customers. This is of course very useful for businesses, considering the implementation of WhatsApp marketing is quite effective in increasing sales.