Recovering Economy After Pandemic, Government Opens Tourism Sector Jobs

Recovering Economy After Pandemic, Government Opens Tourism Sector Jobs

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is committed to creating jobs in the tourism sector as an effort to recover the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic. This was conveyed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno while attending the graduation ceremony for 2,696 students of the Palembang Tourism State University, in Palembang, Friday (22/10/2021). “In this new era, we will open the widest possible employment opportunities, we will be total in generating existing tourism,” he said.

Sandiaga also believes that the tourism sector can absorb education graduates in the business sector. Although the pandemic is not over, Sandiaga is optimistic that Indonesia is ready to restore the economy in the tourism and creative economy sectors. “This is a hope for tourism graduates, they will be bullets in the process of rebuilding our tourism sector,” he said.

In rebuilding tourism, Sandiaga has a special strategy, considering that Indonesia has a lot of leading tourism. The natural and cultural tourism sector is believed to be very selling in the post-pandemic era. “In this digital era, graduates can also participate in the transformation as professionals, entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

What’s more with the opening of Bali and other regions,” said Sandiaga. Currently, there are 6 Tourism PTNs managed under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, such as STP NHI Bandung, Poltekpar Bali, Poltekpar Makassar, Poltekpar Medan, Poltekpar Palembang, and Poltekpar Lombok.

Each PTNP has a link and match innovation that encourages graduates to become reliable workers in tourism. The previous students have also been provided with a curriculum with business incubator learning, holding entrepreneurship workshops or seminars, encouraging students to take part in various entrepreneurial competitions. “With this program, students can enter the business world in tourism management such as hotels or also in the field of technology.