Relationship Marketing How To Win Clients For Life

Relationship Marketing How To Win Clients For Life

Relationship Marketing : Did you ever take some of your time while sitting on your office chair trying to figure out why your customers or clients were not staying with you any much longer and not keeping in touch with your business?

Perhaps you’re wondering why your business was not getting new referrals anymore from your existing beloved customers and end-up finding new clients instead, rather than maximizing the potential of your established loyal audience.

Man, come here and let me hug you and let me say, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re already 20 years in business or just starting up, retaining the loyalty of your customers or clients is crucial and difficult, especially in this noisy and competitive market.

They’re still looking for better service or product every day, so if you can’t handle the connection between your customers and your brand, your business might lose stream.

That being said, if you want an ongoing business, free word-of-mouth promotion that gives you quality referrals and information from customers that can generate more leads, you need to maintain the customer management in your business with the use of an effective relationship marketing.

So for today, let me walk you through this kind of marketing that without it so, all marketing strategies are completely ineffective.

So what really is Relationship Marketing? How it works?

Relationship marketing, for its simplest definition, is an ongoing process of customer relationship management strategy, primarily used to encourage and build a strong and lasting customer connections to your business.

The goal is to have more repeat sales from loyal customers, build loyal audience, encourage word-of-mouth promotion and gather customer information without them doubting.

It focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement to your brand instead of having a shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.

Having a long-term relationship with customers or clients is important if you want to build a continuous stream of sales and revenue and minimize your budget for marketing campaigns and advertisements and of course, to have better ROI.

When building a Real Estate Business, when you already established your loyal audience whether on your website or previous clients that bought homes with you, you can easily extend your brand to their circles without spending too much on ad campaigns.

4 Key Points Of Relationship Marketing

Now let’s dig much deeper. So how to implement relationship marketing effectively and not just creating relationship alone?

These 4 key points would help you. So read on.

1. Know your customers even more.

When building a lasting relationships with customers that can bring you more quality referrals, carry out more sales and everything in a long run, make sure to know more about the client information in a more detailed way.

It helps you replenish your purpose once again, so you can serve your customers with a better approach.

2. Improve your Customer Experience

In any kind of business, small, medium size or large entities, customer relationship management has the most vital role for your business development and the foundation of your growth.

It’s an essential flavor of any marketing strategies that gives color all over the places and departments of your business – and people love those having a very great customer experience.

Therefore, improving and enhancing your customer experience inside your business operation should be one of your main priorities. If you have a budget and operating a large scale, you can hire and train people as your customer representatives and virtual assistants which can make your work much more easier.

Additionally, you can also conduct customer surveys occasionally so that you can hear out what your customers think and want to say about your business overall operation. Surveys won’t cost you too much, in fact, you can implement free surveys in your website just for you to gather insights and useful data.

3. Let your client be the center

In line of improving your customer experience, you need to make sure that you customer is the center of it all. Surely, he has so much words he needs to express through his mind and the only way to bring out those words is to say it to someone who he knows than can help him.

Listen to that person all the time and know when and where to drop your words during your email conversations or personal meetings, when they ask you about what you think just immediately say your objections. Don’t cut them off while they’re talking or whenever they tell you something. You need to listen first before you speak.

During the process, try to sink in the information they’re talking about in your mind little by little and then gradually form a hypothesis or solution to their problems.

4. Follow up

After you go to separate ways, there are two possibilities that can happen next, either he’ll be back again and continue your project or transaction or neve

r come back at all. Whether or not, you must keep on following up your clients, it’s a rule of thumb.

Message them occasionally through emails or phone calls and ask if there’s anything you could help furthermore, if they still have questions about your deal or do they need anything else.

Keep in mind that communication is much more important to keep your contacts and customers staying in touch so they’ll also know that your support is still there and may lead to a strong commitment with them.

Emotion: The Building Block

Yea, emotion. It’s very powerful, isn’t it?

We use emotion to catch up people’s interest and attention just like what you’ve always seen on every marketing campaigns and advertisements out there.

We use emotion-driven ads that convert to an avalanche of sales and revenue.

Emotions that can turn into profits, in an effective and genuine way.

Nike has a good example of emotion-driven campaign with their slogan, “Just Do It.” No doubt that they’re still using this value proposition on their current ads and commercials, because it obviously hits people’s mind and emotion that drove them more and more sales everyday.

Just like your business, emotion connects your value proposition to your customers’ mind in just a blink of an eye. It simply magnifies your unique selling point (USP) so that people will understand what your business is all about and its purpose, and how it can help them solve their problems.


Relationship marketing is an important ingredient for any marketing strategies and campaigns.

Doesn’t matter if you have tons of money promoting your business to reach more potential customers or clients, if you have a bad and ineffective customer relationship management (CRM) in your business, chances are, you’ll end up wasting too much time and money.

Having that said, the only way to win clients that can work with you in a long run, you must enhance the customer experience of your company, give out more value and efficiently use emotions for your marketing strategies.