Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups, Marketing done right can be an incredible boon for your business’s net income. Done wrong, however, it can feel like throwing money into a raging bonfire. If you’re not a natural salesperson, it can be even more difficult. Fear not, the following sales and marketing tips for startups can help you make more sales, market better and waste less money.

Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

1. Sell the benefit, not a comparison.

How Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups is all about highlighting what makes you different. There are three major ways to do that.

    • Cost (you know how to price a product better than the competition)
    • Quality (you’re better)
    • A combination thereof (you offer the better value)

You can tell someone that you provide a product or service that is cheaper or more effective than that of another business, but that doesn’t say how much better you are going to make the customer’s life. Selling is about the benefit. A comparison may highlight the features you offer, but you are always selling benefit.

2. Listen to your customer.

If you wanted to move mass quantities of goods, you needed mass quantities of people. He was aware that people who lived in rural and suburban areas often bought in larger quantities because they had larger families or needed more goods to keep their own small businesses stocked and running. The customer may at times defy logic, but they are always right.

3. Market your product before it’s ready.

Some businesses wait until their product is perfect before they do any marketing or awareness campaigning. That can be a costly mistake. Many businesses expect to sell their product as soon as it’s ready. But if no one knows about it, then demand will start at zero until you undergo a marketing campaign to build brand awareness for potential customers.

4. Think outside the box.

The marketing landscape has dramatically changed since I started my first business more than 30 years ago. Back then, there were no search engines or social media platforms. There was no internet as we know it. Now, startups can utilize a bevy of free, online marketing techniques that are both creative and effective. For example, you can use online video marketing, social media, blog influencers, crowdsourcing, competitions, content marketing, thought leadership and more.

5. Test fast “Fail fast”

Marketing that you can’t measure is failed marketing. Sure, you may spend money to do some advertisement, and you may even see an uptick in sales around the same time you ran the ads. Maybe there is a natural, seasonal uptick for what you sell that will go away in a month.

If you’re going to commit time and money to a marketing campaign, make sure you can measure the results. Set up ways to track conversions that stem from each marketing campaign. Also, run multiple types of marketing campaigns in distinct, small batches.

6. Advertise from multiple angles.

As mentioned above, it’s good to test multiple marketing channels and ideas to see what works best. Often, it’s not any one thing but a combination of all of the above. When your customer hears you on the radio, sees you in a search engine result. And then finds you mentioned in a blog they like (content marketing. They start to accept your brand as a solid, dependable, known entity. They may not have the need for your product or service immediately, but when they do, it will be your name that comes to mind instead of a competitor’s.

8. Give customers a place to talk to/about you.

Good or bad, you want to know what your customers are saying. If you don’t provide your customers with a place to complain or praise you, it makes it look like their thoughts and opinions don’t matter. Remember, even if a customer comes to you and is furious.

That’s a great opportunity for you to publicly show how willing you are to right a wrong, or make a customer feel valued. The alternative is that your customer goes to a third-party site and complains where you can’t address the issue nor tailor an edited response.

9. We look forward to seeing you again.

Sales and Marketing Tips for Startup the last is to reward loyalty or interest. I tell my employees at Patriot Software, my online accounting and payroll company, that our customers are our sales department. Word of mouth and customer testimonials who are brand advocates are better than any sales team you can muster. So I continue to reward customers with competitive pricing, great customer support, and automatic updates to improve the software.