Scale Up: Towards the Next Phase of Business

Scale Up: Towards the Next Phase of Business

Your business journey has been very long, it’s time to enter a new phase of success

If you have a business, you definitely want to increase profits and reach a wider market. When the company has started to grow and is known, that’s when the company will scale up. Easily scale up is a company that has increased to become a bigger company.

Quoted from Tech Nation, scale up is a different phase of company growth. This means that the company has undergone various development processes so that it is in a position of success and is ready to enter the next phase of success.

Characteristics of Companies Ready to Scale Up

1. Reject Order

If you think about it at a glance, using strange logic, there are companies that refuse orders or purchases from buyers. However, this is actually one of the characteristics of companies that have to scale up, because when the company is not able to keep up with demand with existing resources, then you have to scale up by increasing product capacity.

2. Requires Experts

When you first start your own business and take care of everything yourself, along the way you feel the need for someone to help because you are overwhelmed or improve the quality of certain processes. Then it’s time for you to enter the next stage of business.

3. Consistent Sales and Buybacks

This point becomes very visible when the company is ready to scale up, namely by paying attention to the company’s cash. If the flow of money is healthy, so as long as the business you set up is not losing money and covering all needs, it can be the main parameter.

Coupled with repeated orders from the same buyer for several times, it means that your business already has loyal customers. Also pay attention to the number of sales, if in the last three months sales have increased or tend to be stable, then the business can be considered to be able to scale up.

4. Suppressing Risk

When you start a business, you must be willing and able to bet or take a lot of risks. Many risks are taken, because we have to try many ways and ways to achieve something, because we never know which way will succeed in achieving our target.