Stay Out of Debt by Discarding the Credit Card

Stay Out of Debt by Discarding the Credit Card

It is probably the greatest money cow the banks have ever seen. The credit card is a trap to woo people into spending what they don’t have. That becomes a debt for which many won’t be able to repay on time. The interest charged in that case is exorbitant and far more than a personal loan would cost. This is currently a moral issue in Australia where the Opposition is promising to hold a Royal Commission into banking practices.

What people need to do is wake up to the risk they take when using a credit card. First of all, do you really need to spend that money. Because of the easy access to it prices of goods have risen exponentially. This involves also what the financial institutions are able to charge for lending you finance.

As prices soar so the cost of living rises and while wages are falling the difference is now so great between what people owe and what they can afford to pay that many are forced into bankruptcy. This makes the banks happy because under those circumstance they can seize property, sell it far below cost, and keep the proceeds.

Credit is no different to putting money into poker machines or throwing it into the street. It is a dumb act to try to make it work for you. While it is used mostly by those who are already struggling the situation quickly spirals out of control.

The bottom line is use a debit card to avoid carrying cash. Don’t spend money on things you can’t afford and don’t really need. Cut up the credit card and keep your finances in better shape. If you haven’t got the money then don’t spend it.