The G20 Presidency and the Role of Millennials for an Inclusive Economy

The G20 Presidency and the Role of Millennials for an Inclusive Economy

The role of the Millennial Generation in stimulating the current economic locomotive is very influential. The presence of the Millennial Generation, in other words, is not only a connoisseur or extra consumer of the pace of economic development. Small businesses which then slowly developed into a business ecosystem with a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupiah gave a promising profile in the future.

Then, what is the role of the Millennial Generation in developing an inclusive economy today?

Crossing Technology and Generation “Kepo”

The Millennial Generation with the background of technology and internet development opens its own land for the growth and development of creativity. The Millennial Generation, in my opinion, is a generation that is fond of “kepo” (great curiosity about something). This, in my opinion, helps the Millennial Generation to be able to realize their dreams and hone their skills in the community.

If we look at the business world today, there are many business ecosystems that are driven by Millennial Generation. The emergence of various applications, small businesses, young entrepreneurs, and new debutants from the Millenial Generation field are actually able to help the current economic development. The sense of curiosity that suffers from the millennial soul unconsciously provides a strong impetus for millennials to try.

In my opinion, there are interesting things that make Millennial Generation able to move in today’s business world. The interesting thing lies in the dynamics of the interaction between Millennial Generation and technology. With the help of the development of technology and the internet, the Millennial Generation is able to develop its business network to remote areas.

With the help of facebook, instagram, tiktok, youtube, and other types of social media platforms, business ideas and dreams of business growth can be consumed by the whole community. ideas about business also develop through the presence of technology. The internet with its various branches connects, markets, and helps business people to achieve their dream targets. These are the concrete facts of the cross between technology and the “Kepo” Generation in driving the current inclusive economy locomotive.

Small Business Penetrates Global Market

For today’s super micro business ideas are uniquely able to be “sold” in the global market with the help of technology. The internet, in other words, brings business content and products not only to certain consumers, but touches all walks of life. It is in this sense that the idea of ​​an inclusive economy can be understood. An inclusive economy is nothing but an economy without borders, without zoning. Everything is accessible and affordable.

Current export and import commodities, for example, come from the Millennial Generation. With the help of internet-technology, young people are moving slowly and surely making new breakthroughs in society. With minimal capital, young exporters are present by opening up ripe business opportunities in the eyes of the world.

The products created by the Millennial Generation are no longer only consumed by “neighbors” but also by global market players. Local snacks with makeshift products are currently able to penetrate the global market. Efforts to penetrate the global market cannot be separated from the presence of technology and the internet today.