The Rapidly Growing Trend of Digital Marketing 2022!

The Rapidly Growing Trend of Digital Marketing 2022!

In 2022, of course, some things change following the existing trends. Especially the digital marketing changes that have changed a lot following the growing technology. This is important to find out in determining marketing strategies for those of you who have a business or brand so that they can be easily reached by consumers. And you can increase brand awareness and sales of your products.

The following are trends that are currently being used by business players in the Digital Marketing world:

1. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is artificial intelligence added to a system that thinks like humans. For example, Chatbots that automatically answer questions with website visitors in real time. Chatbots use verbal interactions or chat windows that can help users find what they are looking for. In addition, the forms of AI that are widely used are voice assistants Alexa and Siri which provide services and help us simplify our activities only through smartphones.

2. Shoppable Post Instagram
Instagram is the most effective social media for marketing products. Therefore, Instagram released the shoppable post feature. This feature allows us to view images as well as see the price of the desired product, send a website link and checkout directly only through the application. Everyone find it easy to shop.

3. Direct Message
Because many have used social media as a medium for shopping, it will affect direct messages (DM) which will be used more often. DMs establish a more intimate and relaxed connection with users. Users also feel more comfortable communicating via DM because they can freely ask questions about existing products.

4. Customer Personalization
Customer satisfaction is the most prioritized. Because of that, the company began to prioritize personalization so that users are loyal to the product or service. For example, Spotify has listener data and analyzes the songs they listen to so that the Discover Weekly feature appears which is really suitable for listeners. Continue several E-commerce sites that recommend relevant products from search results that have been done. This method can be applied to increase marketing in 2022.

5. Influencers
In recent years the influencers have increased rapidly. Influencers are estimated to be very good as a means of brand marketing this year. The role of Influencers can boost and make the brand more known and provide a sense of trust and security to potential consumers. There are also more and more influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok.

6. Video Marketing
Another trend that must be prepared as a digital marketing strategy is video marketing. This mobile audio-visual media is the best means to learn about the product. Creative videos will also attract the attention of consumers. Marketing videos uploaded on Youtube and other social media will make people more confident to buy the product. Now many brands have prepared video marketing such as web series, live videos, 360 videos and other creative videos so that viewers don’t get bored with advertisements.

7. Content Marketing
Content marketing is still an effective way to attract consumers to the website. Content marketers must be able to present creative content. Creative & quality content builds good relationships with consumers and makes the brand trusted. Not only in written form such as articles, content marketing can be in the form of images, online games, videos or podcasts.