This is the risk of viral marketing

This is the risk of viral marketing

Viral marketing technique is one way to market products in the digital world. However, a wrong step in marketing can have a bad impact on your product.

“The thing called viral marketing, so what they (holywings) do is viral marketing so it’s high risk high return, yes the risk is very high, it can be a simalakama fruit, ” said Jimmi Muhtar, a digital marketing expert at the d’Mentor detikcom event, Thursday (3/7/2022).

Jimmi admit that he is initially amaze by what the hollywings team do in marketing the product. He sees content marketing built as successful and attracts attention.

“Initially I liked starting from the first game with the chef and others, all of them until successful fists suddenly broke. And that’s not something usual, it’s a serious blunder from my side, I’m sure they didn’t prepare risk management when it happened occur.

Maybe when preparing the marketing yesterday, the discussion with the internal team was not very mature, it ended up blundering,” he said.

Jimmi assesses the fatal error made by holywings, not doing research on the risk impact of promo content thrown on social media. As a result it became a blunder.

“What is certain is that he should know that he is selling products that are against religion, the two Indonesians are very strong with religion and country religion, and just selling those products is contradictory.

Then he tried to promote something that smacks of religion, let alone the two names. big, and they don’t count.
First they made a promotion in a country that would obviously be against it, so it was a factor they didn’t take into account that they were pitching in.”

Short definition :

Viral marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes social networks, both through cyberspace and offline which aims to be able to convey messages and advertisements to consumers in the market.

If it can be define in simply, then virtual marketing can be say as a form of marketing process that can do it in online or offline relate to the products/services that you have to consumers.

This marketing method will be carried out by the provider of goods/services which will be conveyed through information whether it’s a website, video, newspaper, ebook, and others.

Viral marketing is also part of the portfolio marketing strategy section. If simplified again, viral marketing in offline form can be in the form of delivering information by word of mouth. Meanwhile, if you go online, you can use social media which is currently a trend in society.