Tips for Managing a Large Email Marketing Database

Tips for Managing a Large Email Marketing Database

Through data collection and nurturing management.

In using email marketing, the important thing to note is the management of the customer database you have. There are two things that need to be considered in managing the database, namely how we collect data and then manage the data properly. By having good database management, a business person can take advantage of the database to create a more scalable and massive marketing campaign.

However, one of the problems that will usually arise when managing databases is how business people can manage databases when the data they have starts to get large. Through this article, we will discuss the right strategy for collecting and managing data, so that the data we have can later be used to make campaigns more optimal.

Data Collection Strategy

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that we give to potential customers to attract them to provide the data they need. In using a lead magnet as a data collection strategy, you need to look at the value of a given lead magnet with the required data. The value between the two must be directly proportional. For example, if what is offered is only to subscribe to your newsletter, the data collected may not be too much, just name and email for example. However, when the given lead magnet has a higher value, such as discounts, vouchers, or ebooks, more data can be requested from potential customers.

You can take advantage of various ways to bring in leads. Starting from the simplest, namely your website visitors. You can also bring in leads from various activities that you participate in such as exhibitions, exhibitions, or social media content that can show the lead magnet that will be given.

Data Management Strategy

Nurturing Data

Nurturing data is how we can process data. Many business people who have managed to have a very large number of databases. However, there are still many who do not know what the database will be used for and how to manage the data properly. Data that is not processed and managed properly will not be able to become insights for your marketing campaigns.

You can take advantage of the Contact Management feature available at your email marketing service provider to be able to manage large amounts of data such as 10,000 data, 100,000 data, or even more. To be able to take advantage of this feature properly, here are some things that need to be considered in managing data using the Contact Management feature.

The first thing that needs to be done is to label the database you have. This label can also be used to distinguish the database you have. There are various ways to do labeling. For example you can give labels based on how you got the database. For example, the database is labeled “exhibition” because you got it from an exhibition event you recently participated in. By having a label like this, you can contact them in a more personal way, for example bringing the context of the exhibition that you have just participated in together.

Segmentation is always important to create measurable and relevant communications for the business. By segmenting the database, you will be able to more closely identify suitable content, products that have been purchased, or how activities were carried out in previous marketing campaigns.

By managing the right data, you can maintain relevance to your audience and customers in your email marketing campaigns even better. This data management activity should also not only be carried out at one time, but must be carried out continuously. One of the email marketing service providers that can help you manage this data is MTARGET.