Tips for Opening an Angkringan Business for Quick Profits

Tips for Opening an Angkringan Business for Quick Profits

Tips for Opening a angkringan-Culinary is still a mainstay business for business people. Because food is a basic need of every human being. So this business is predicted to always be sought after by many people. One that has begun to develop in recent years is the modern angkringan business.

Currently, angkringan is divided into two, angkringan that still apply the traditional style and angkringan that have a modern flavor.

Angkringan Business Opportunity

Tips for Opening a Business

Angkringan business opportunities in big cities are certainly very promising. Because, angkringan usually sells a variety of delicious food and is always suitable to be enjoyed at night. The available food choices such as various satays and fried foods can be used as snacks or snacks at night, especially when the weather is cold.

In addition, cat rice or angkringan grilled rice also has a portion that is quite filling and delicious. Plus, the menu prices sold at angkringan are very affordable and pocket-friendly. Therefore, it is not surprising that the angkringan business is always crowded with buyers. Currently, you can also sell angkringan menus through online food ordering applications.

In addition, the concept of angkringan is always able to provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere typical of Yogyakarta. This is the main attraction for potential consumers to enjoy the food available. The food ingredients needed for the angkringan business are also very easy to obtain. You can buy it at the market, shop, or even buy it online.

Tips for Opening a Business Angkringan

Tips for opening a business angkringan. Starting an angkringan business, of course, must begin with preparing a good business idea. In accordance with the concept of angkringan where customers will sit together while enjoying food. Well, you can build an angkringan business by using a cart or lesehan. Here’s the explanation:

1. Choose a Strategic Sales Location

Choosing the right location will affect your success or failure in opening an angkringan business. Choose an angkringan business location that is close to the existing market share. For example, opening an angkringan stall near the terminal, near the market, around densely populated residential areas, around boarding houses for employees and students, near office centers, around campuses, and tourist attractions. Opening angkringan in the countryside is also very promising.

Opening angkringan outside Java is no less promising. I’ve seen an angkringan stall in the city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan. From evening to night, the angkringan stall is never empty of buyers. Sometimes buyers have to be willing to queue if they can’t get a seat.
This proves that outside Java, angkringan stalls are in great demand. The reason is because there are still many overseas people from Java. In addition, local residents also like angkringan because the food menu is unique and cheap.

2. Define the concept of Angkringan

Before you open an angkringan business, it’s a good idea to first determine the concept of your angkringan stall. Do you want to open a simple angkringan model or a slang and modern angkringan model. The concept of a simple angkringan is usually just a wooden cart with a tarpaulin cover that can accommodate about 8 buyers.
Although still profitable, this concept will not be able to attract many customers. However, if you want to target today’s millennial youth, it would be better if your angkringan concept has an atmosphere like today’s young people so that it can be an exciting hangout place.

For example, the concept of an angkringan cafe with complete facilities such as wifi and a large television. It does require a large amount of capital, but all of that will be paid off with the arrival of many visitors later. However, if you have limited capital, you can run a simple angkringan stall first. Most importantly, design your cart as attractive as possible so that people will be happy when they come to your angkringan stall.

3. Angkringan Business Capital

For those of you who want to open a slang angkringan business in your area, you must be wondering, “How much business capital must be prepared to open an angkringan business from zero to standing?” Based on the experience of business people in this business, the business capital of angkringan is not too large.

Even with a small capital of under IDR 5 million, you can open a simple slang angkringan business. That’s for one cart. This amount of business capital already includes the facilities and infrastructure needed to open an angkringan business including wooden carts, cooking utensils, food raw materials and so on.

4. Highlight Unique and Special Menu

The angkringan menu itself is actually very diverse. There are various kinds of traditional food that you can combine with modern food today. But usually all the food in the angkringan is cooked before being sold. Except for foods such as fried foods that you can fry at the point of sale. As for other foods, you can cook them at home.
Generally, in every angkringan cart, the available food and drink menus are the same and their presentation. You can try a new menu or a new way of serving that will attract a lot of enthusiasts and buyers. For example, providing a menu of Pete chili sauce, Jengkol sauce, Chef’s Great Coffee, and others that you will never find in other angkringan.

5. Maintaining the Characteristics of Angkringan

The hallmark of the angkringan food stall is to use a cart covered with a blue or orange tarpaulin. Even if you carry the concept of a slang or modern angkringan. You should not eliminate the characteristics of the angkringan.
Another characteristic that must be maintain is the price of angkringan food which is relatively cheap and affordable for small people. If you set a price that is too expensive, of course, consumers are reluctant to stop by your shop. It’s better to eat at a restaurant at the same time if the price difference is not much different.

6. Maintain the cleanliness of the cart and provide the best service

Keeping the place of business clean is an important point that you must pay attention to. One of them is the cleanliness of the cart which in fact becomes your means to sell. If the cart you use looks dirty and dull, of course consumers will think twice about returning to eat at your angkringan stall.

If you use a table or lesehan to accommodate the buyers who come, you should clean the place. Do not let there be leftover food or garbage scattered which will certainly disturb the comfort of customers. As a seller, you must be able to provide satisfactory service to consumers. In addition to serving a delicious food menu. You also have to be kind to consumers.
Well, those are some explanations and tips for opening an angkringan business that you can try. Seeing the magnitude of the angkringan business opportunity, it is certainly more interesting to be occupied.