Top Facebook Marketing Tools to Promote Your Event

Top Facebook Marketing Tools to Promote Your Event

Top facebook marketing -Facebook is gradually developing into a hot spot for event organizers. The surge in social media in recent years has prompt event organizers to use Facebook as a convenient and robust event planning and marketing tool.

Over the past few years, websites have deliver a range of tools and features that help create a buzz for your event in no time, helping you to attract more people to your event. Here, we talk about five of the most important yet unheard of Facebook tools that help take your events to the next level.

8 Facebook Marketing Tools

Top facebook marketing

1. Social Ticket Purchase with Ticketmaster

Facebook now offers an interesting tool for buying event tickets directly from its platform. The well-known London Olympic ticket provider, Ticketmaster, has collaborated with Facebook to offer social ticket buying facilities. This not only increases your ticket sales, but also provides a significant boost to social commerce.

2. Hasilkan Daftar Tamu dalam Waktu Singkat dengan GuestlistGen

Tambahan terbaru untuk fitur pemasaran dan promosi Facebook adalah GuestlistGen. Alat ini memungkinkan Anda untuk menghasilkan PDF daftar tamu acara Anda dalam waktu singkat dan itu juga, langsung di platform Facebook. Untuk melakukannya, Anda memasukkan ID Acara Facebook Anda dan sisanya akan dilakukan secara otomatis.

3. Analyze Event Performance with Tuneo

Tuneo is a tool that allows organizers to summarize polls to analyze event performance. It is a kind of organizational tool that helps you track participants on social networking sites like Facebook. Tuneo seems to be the solution to save you from message overload.

4. Create Buzz with WordPress Custom Tabs

Keep in mind that Custom tabs are a fundamental part of any marketing strategy on Facebook. You can now use the WordPress Custom tabs app to customize your event page tabs on Facebook. It is true that WordPress expands your capabilities and thus, helps you reach a large audience. Moreover, WordPress Custom Tabs are compatible with most browsers and devices.

5. Set up Custom Tabs with Pagemodo

Similar to WordPress Custom Tabs, Pagemodo helps you deploy and set up custom tabs in no time. Well, for large events it is not suitable, but for small events it is most suitable. You can even use the paid option, which allows you to set up a powerful ‘Like-gate’ feature on your Facebook event page. Today, Pagemodo is known as a great social media marketing tool.

6. Broad Market Demographics

Facebook is one of the most attractive features for marketers. Why is that? Facebook provides unlimited demographics, regardless of age, gender, nationality or anything else. From there, of course, Facebook also has an audience that fits your target.

In fact, elderly users are an audience that is considered difficult to reach digitally. However, they can easily find it on these social media platforms. They are regular active members. That’s why advertising on Facebook has so much potential for businesses of all sizes.

7. Affordable

The cost to advertise on Facebook is very affordable. With a small amount, you can have a large reach. These ads allow your content to reach your intended and targeted audience. This can create a huge increase in sales, and brand awareness.

In fact, you can pre-set the advertising budget you want to spend yourself. You can also clearly see the details of your ad spend and how much was spent. It also allows you to know the leads you get from the content you advertise on Facebook.

In order for an ad to produce the results we expect, it is very important to make your ad out-of-the-box and perhaps, funny. If this is met, your ad may go viral which can exponentially increase sales.

8. Interesting

The Facebook community continues to grow and its users also keep coming back to this app. This is especially beneficial for businesses that advertise on Facebook and the apps developed by them like Instagram. When users see an unknown ad for the first time, they tend to scroll through it. This is because the brand has not yet gained trust and attention.

However, repeatedly they see the same or the same ad, their sense of trust will be built. This fosters their curiosity, thus clicking on the ad. Clicking on an ad directs them to your website, which can lead to a sale.