Using Psychology to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Using Psychology to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Using Psychology : If you have been in business for any length of time at this point, you must understand that some businesses have marketing campaigns that are more effective than others. It is probably safe to assume that your marketing campaign includes some element (hopefully a strong element) of social media as well.

The power of psychology in your marketing campaign

Psychology plays a very vivid role in any successful marketing campaign. From the outside, that may not be apparent but it is undoubtedly true. If you can identify exact what role psychology plays in the successful marketing campaigns of various businesses, you can duplicate it and you and your business can enjoy an equal (or greater) amount of success too. The big question that you may have on your mind right now is, “How do you actually make that happen?” Well, the following tips should help to answer your question.

Keeping your public promises: It is one thing to make a promise to yourself. In that case, you may or may not keep that promise. It is great if you do, however, if you don’t, you are only accountable to yourself and nobody will get hurt if you don’t come through. On the other hand, if you make a public promise to another person or another business, you will be much more inclined to keep that promise. The reason for that is not only because you are honoring that commitment more strongly but it is also because, if you don’t make good on your promise, you will have diluted your integrity (personally and professionally) in the eyes of the other person or other business.
Creating a perception for others to embrace: When it comes to human beings, there is a dichotomy that exists, whether you choose to acknowledge and accept it or not. That dichotomy consists of people’s perception of the other person and who the person truly is. The irony is that the perception actually becomes the reality. However, that perception has some degree of flexibility. In other words, if you don’t agree with or like the perception that other people have of you, you have the power to change that perception so that the other person sees you in a manner that is closer to who you really are. It is important for the perception to be as close as possible to reality so that the relationships that you share with the other people are solid and last for a very long time.

Give others a feeling that they are important to you: When it comes to the psychology behind getting the other person to “buy” into who you are and what you represent, it is important that they feel that you consistently put their needs above your own needs. Everyone loves to feel special and they love to feel that you value their opinions. In other words, they want to feel that they count when it comes to making decisions. If you make the other person feel special, they will give their all to you and everyone will win in the situation.


Psychology is an important part of marketing your offerings and your brand and eventually selling your offerings. You may not be aware of how much of a role psychology plays in getting people to come around to your way of thinking and getting them to do what you want them to do. It is a very positive way to approach marketing and it should not be considered in any way negative or manipulative. Human beings need to be coddled and they need to be nurtured. The psychological aspect of it is an important one and there is absolutely nothing wrong with understanding how to use it most effectively. In fact, it is a sound business decision. If you use a psychological approach in your marketing campaign, you will be reaching other people on an emotional level, which is one of the necessary elements of success. Part of that psychological formula is demonstrating your own flaws. If you can do that in a constructive way, the other person will respect and appreciate you for it. It takes many different parts to successfully connect with other people and if you understand how to make those parts work well together, you will realize your dreams while, at the same time, satisfying the other person’s dreams as well.

Jonathan Cohn is a student of sociology at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. Jonathan offers a new perspective to the Blogs of CompuKol Connections because of his course of study and because of his experience and interactions with people from a sociological angle.