What are the duties of a Marketing Officer?

What are the duties of a Marketing Officer?

What are the duties of a marketing officer in a company? This is a question that is often asked by prospective applicants or fresh graduates who want to enter the world of marketing.

In simple terms, the marketing officer has a scope in terms of the marketing strategy of a product from the company where he works. However, of course that’s not the only job of a marketing officer.

The role of the marketing officer is not the same as the sales. If the marketing officer dwells on the product marketing strategy, Sales have a role as a liaison to the customer so that later the customer buys the product made.

Getting to Know the World of Marketing and Marketing Officer

Marketing which means marketing in Indonesian. If viewed further, marketing is an activity that includes the marketing of a product, whether in the form of goods or services from the company.

Quoting the book Digital Marketing: Concepts and Strategies 2021, Boone and Kurtz mean that marketing is one component of e-commerce with a special role in marketers. They divide these roles into strategic manufacturing, distribution, promotion and pricing of goods or services sold.

Meanwhile, according to Armstrong and Kottler in the same book, defines that marketing is the marketing side of e-commerce. The scope of work is in the form of communicating something, promoting and selling goods or services from a company.

While the marketing officer is a profession in a company. This job is indispensable in many business fields, be it large companies or start-ups.

Please note that the scope of the marketing officer may vary depending on the company. But in general, its role consists of product development, pricing, branding, customer service and sales management of a product.

Responsibilities and Duties of Marketing Officer

After knowing the marketing and marketing officer profession in a simple way. You need to have an overview of the duties of a marketing officer. Although this task will not be the same in every company. However, this can be an initial picture for those of you who want to dive into the world of marketing. For more details, as follows:

  • Planning for products to be distributed to the market, so that later the company will receive more profits
    Determine the selling price of the product made, to be appropriate and fit for the market
  • Planning a promotion strategy for the products to be sold to the public. So that later the product can be easily recognized and accepted
  • After that, so that the product can easily reach the public. Marketing officers need to manage the process of distributing the products sold. This process is important because it ensures the product arrives smoothly into the hands of consumers
  • Disseminate products, services or goods to consumers
  • Ensure all online and offline services run safely. This is useful so that consumers can easily get the products being sold
  • Evaluating consumer complaints on traded products

That’s a little information or an overview of the marketing officers and the roles and tasks to be carried out.