Xfinity Mobile: Review From a Customer

Xfinity Mobile: Review From a Customer

Xfinity Mobile Review: From a Customer, This review has been updated for 2022. Long-time readers may be quite surprised to find this review on this site. But, I’ve tested their service and wanted to do a deep dive to share with readers.

Here are a few things to note about this review:
    1. I’ve previously and extensively reviewed the cheapest data plans, cheapest prepaid plans, and cheapest mobile WiFi hotspot plans on the market, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, at this moment, is one of best value mobile plans on the market – and can potentially save you some serious money.
    2. If you are also an Xfinity Internet and/or Cable TV customer, you can save even more money by bundling services.
    3. Despite my prior grievances with Xfinity Mobile’s parent company, Comcast, I have been an actual Xfinity Mobile user – and have tested Xfinity Mobile on one of our mobile devices for many months.

What is Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is a relatively newer mobile service from ISP/Cable TV conglomerate. It somewhat quietly launched to customers in May of 2017, and went live in all Xfinity residential markets in August of that year.

In addition to 5G and nation-wide 4G LTE coverage (on Verizon’s network – more on that ahead), also boasts 19 million+ WiFi hotspots, and flexible low-cost plans.

Xfinity Mobile Availability Map

In order to become an Xfinity Mobile customer, you must first be a residential Xfinity Internet service customer, residing within Xfinity’s market map. If you’re unsure about Xfinity availability, but you can check if Xfinity internet service is available in your area here. If it is, and you’re an Internet service customer, you can get Xfinity Mobile.

What Network Does Xfinity Mobile Use?

Xfinity Mobile is a “mobile virtual network operator”, or MVNO. As an MVNO, Xfinity Mobile doesn’t own its own wireless spectrum, it buys wholesale priced access from one of the 3 big wireless spectrum owners in the United States. Specifically, Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s Network. Making a call? You’re calling on Verizon’s network. Texting? Verizon’s network. Using mobile data? Verizon’s network. Because you are getting all of the touted benefits of Verizon’s network (at a fraction of Verizon’s prices).

Xfinity Mobile Coverage Map

Xfinity Mobile, by virtue of running on Verizon’s Network, has access to 5G in available locations and the largest 4G LTE network in the US. Verizon touts that it covers 327 million people, 99% of the country’s population, and more square miles than any other network. Here is an interactive Verizon coverage map so you can visualize coverage map. If you’d like to specifically check your zip code for coverage, you can do so here.

Are There Any Cons with Xfinity?

I see the wider company making serious efforts to improve its customer service and experience with Xfinity Mobile and elsewhere. As an example:

    • With Cable/Internet pricing, they have started offering extended contracts to existing customers at rates previously only accessible to new customers (had to quibble over prices and constant increases have long been a complaint of mine and others).
    • Their customer service representatives seem to be much more accommodating in recent years, which is a reflection of company policy.
    • Their revamped Xfinity store is much closer to the Apple store than today’s DMV (I recently visited one and was pleasantly surprised).

Was recently ranked #1 in customer satisfaction compared to all full service providers measured in the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI) survey of customers’ ratings of the performance of their own wireless service provider.

I’m looking for an old and hard gotcha with Xfinity Mobile. I wouldn’t say these are “gotchas”, but on “unlimited plans”, the following applies, which is a fairly common practice for unlimited plans these days:

    • after 20 GB of monthly data use, speeds are reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps download/750 kbps upload, determined and applied on a per line basis
    • Video streams up to 480p, standard-definition quality. HD streaming is available on Xfinity Wifi.
    • On any connected device, mobile hotspot speeds will not exceed 600 kbps.
    • When they added 5G service, they increased their lowest price from $12 to $15. But this was likely the result of a new contract with Verizon.

Apart from that, the prices are fair, honest, and cheap. There is flexibility to switch plans. You can get 0% APR financing on mobile if you can’t afford to buy outright (for the same total price). And you can BYOD at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts on Review

If you live within Xfinity Mobile is a high value prepaid mobile offering. But it’s an even better deal for those who can bundle with Xfinity TV and/or Internet. I really appreciate:

    • the free unlimited nationwide talk & text on Verizon’s network
    • 5G access and strong internet performance
    • no line fees (unless you are no longer an Xfinity internet customer)
    • the ability to share data, with up to 10 lines on “by the gig” plans
    • the option of multiple data plans, and flexibility to switch
    • the ability to bring your own device (BYOD)
    • the extensive WiFi hotspot network to help keep data costs low
    • clear, fair, and transparent pricing
    • no contracts

If interested, you can get a discount on an Xfinity Mobile phone or bring over your own device here and existing Xfinity customers can check bundle offers.